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AgriPROFILING Solutions

Understand Yourself Better..          Understand Your Partner Better..          Understand Your Employees Better.

Go From The Frustration Of Managing Miscommunication,
 Clear, Effective Communication and A Team That Understands Each Other In
 Just a Few Hours –Improve Your Team’s
Communication, Interactions, Cooperation & Productivity!

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Behavioural Profiling Is The First Step To Better Understanding Ourselves and Others -
Personally and Professionally

Common Farm Management Challenges..

"I have my yearly plan for the farm sorted, but I spend a lot of time managing people and team dynamics. There always seems to be some sort of miscommunication or emotional response. Sometimes I have no idea what people are thinking, why they make certain decisions, or why they don't seem to understand what I am saying. "

In the rural sector, a farming business partnership or team's success extends beyond technical skills and knowledge. The individual's in your business or team are your biggest resource. Below are some common management or interpersonal challenges experienced in rural workplaces.

When It Comes To Managing Your Business Or Team, Do You Struggle With..


     Choosing suitable workers that are a match for the role?

     Understanding your or other's behavioural patterns and how they impact your interactions?

     Recognising your or other's own strengths and areas for improvement?

     Understanding your or other's stress triggers and how to manage them?

     Communication breakdowns & misunderstandings?

     Differences in generational ideals within the team?

     Understanding what makes people tick?

     Understanding why people behave the way they do?

     Understanding why people make decisions the way they do? 

     Resistance to the idea of change in their role or business?

     One-sided perspectives during conversations?

     Understanding people's motivations?

     Understanding people's emotions during critical conversations?

     Bridging gaps in team collaboration?


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Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story (2)_edited.png
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Hi, I'm Jess,

I work with rural business owners, managers, and decision-makers to help you improve how your team members interact with you and each other, how they feel as part of the team, and how effectively they communicate and collaborate on a daily basis.

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To achieve these objectives I personally chose Extended DISC from other profiling tools to bring into my human development business because:

  • It's a scientifically validated behavioural assessment tool.

  • It is NOT a personality profiling tool.

  • It measures and compares individuals' natural hard-wired behaviours with their perceived need to adjust behaviours and energy output in their work environment.


The assessments provide accurate information on:

  • How individuals prefer to act, interact and respond to their environment.

  • Areas for personal development.

This powerful knowledge helps in understanding:

  • How someone operates at work.

  • How they manage their thoughts, feelings, natural skills, decision making and responses.

  • How people communicate and how to become more adaptable in communication.

  • Gaps in natural skills and abilities.

  • Individuals' blind spots in how they view things and respond to situations.

I offer profound insights into individual and team behaviour, including traits, patterns, communication styles, and work preferences. With a coached unpack session, this powerful tool enhances interpersonal skills, relationships, communication effectiveness, and team work, in a farming or agribusiness environment.

Which Behavioural Blueprint Drives Your 
Communication, Interactions, Actions & Responses?

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Use AgriPROFILE Solutions Assessments to
shift from miscommunication & interpersonal challenges to- 

Understanding your team members' behaviours and motivations, enabling you to strengthen communication, collaboration and happiness!

The Solution!

Human Behavioural Profiling gives you measurable and predictable insights for every person on the team, as well as the team dynamic and team culture, so that you can create a resourceful & cooperative team that sticks together to overcome challenges, improve productivity, and work more resourcefully together.


Communication Styles:

Discover your primary communication style and those of your partner and workers. Understand the differences in how we convey and receive information to enhance workplace interactions. Clear and effective communication improves efficiency and reduces misunderstandings, even under pressure.

Decision-Making Criteria:

Learn what drives each of your decision-making processes and how it differs from each other. Understand the factors influencing your partner's or team member's choices, to improve collaboration. Understanding team behaviours and styles leads to more informed and collaborative decision-making.

Fears That Drive Behaviour:

Identify the underlying fears that influence your behaviour and those of your team. Use this understanding to manage and motivate effectively, considering each person's unique drivers.


General Response To Stress:
Gain insights into how each team member responds to stress, change, and uncertainty. Equip your team with strategies to handle pressure more effectively.

Learning Styles:

Understand the preferred learning styles of each individual in your team. Tailor your training and development efforts to match these styles, ensuring more effective skill-building and knowledge transfer.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Get a clear view of each team member's behavioural strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to assign tasks, plan training, and optimise productivity and teamwork. 


81% of our clients have experienced a significant increase in self-awareness in themselves and their teams since using an Extended DISC® workplace assessment.


Where to from here?

If you still need to understand more of how behavioural profiling is a worthwhile tool for your business, please arrange a call with me to discuss how the human development tool and my private mentoring or facilitation can help you solve some of your personal or interpersonal challenges within your team or business partnership.

At Leading Change Experiences, I offer different options to fit your people development needs. Whether you’re looking to empower individual team members, enhance collaboration and team functionality and cultural change, we provide solutions to help you overcome the challenges that come with managing people.
Check more out below 

Why Work With Jess?

Specialised Facilitator:
Jess is a senior facilitator with 7 years of experience, expertly blending leadership and team culture development with a deep understanding of relationship dynamics in rural settings. Jess has worked in corporate agriculture as an Agronomist, a Field Officer in Tasmania, lived and worked on remote cattle properties and navigated challenging team environments in mining in the N.T.

Her unique background ensures that her programs are both relevant and effective in developing your people and teams. She brings practical knowledge, exceptional people skills, leadership development expertise, emotional intelligence, and real-world behavioural insights to her sessions and workshops.


Extending Your Development with AgriLEAD:
At Leading Change Experiences, Jess's commitment to the growth and development of people and teams extends beyond behavioural profiling. Building on the insights gained from your profiling sessions, the AgriLEAD program continues your leadership and team development journey. This comprehensive program offers in-depth leadership training for both business owners and staff, focusing on practical applications. It helps overcome team dysfunctions and promotes self leadership within your team members, empowering them to create a high-trust team environment and reach their full potential both as individuals, and as a collaborative team - in really practical ways.

Your Profiling Options

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Equip & Empower Your People, Your Greatest Resource!



Ready to take your agribusiness to the next level? Contact Jess today to schedule your EDISC profiling sessions and start transforming your team dynamics. Ideal for farmers, agribusiness owners, managers, and rural community team leaders looking to enhance leadership, improve communication, and strengthen team relationships and cohesion in the agricultural sector. Whether your goal is to nurture emerging talent, foster better communication, or build leadership capacity, Jess will discuss how EDISC Unpack sessions can align with your objectives and meet your specific needs.


Discover what’s possible with personalised AgriPROFILING Solutions and take the first step towards a more cohesive, productive, and harmonious team.

"I look forward to working together to create more connected and
adaptable team members within your agribusiness!" - Jess

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