Tween Girls 8-11yo

Disconnect To Reconnect - Nature Play!

After experiencing the powerful shifts in my own daughter’s behaviour, attitude, happiness level and mindset, I would love to invite your tween girl to come along and activate her awareness and awe, and reconnect back with herself and nature while joining me and my girls in our paddock play! 


Some of the benefits I have seen in my own two girls is an increase in emotional self-regulation, a more positive state of mind, a heightened inner and outer calm, more laughter, lighter mindsets, a decrease in worry and anxiousness, an increase in imagination and sense of wonder - to keep it really simple, more relaxed, grounded and happy kids. 


Nature and animals have an incredible therapeutic effect. There is no wifi in our paddock, but I promise she will find a better connection! 


We are all aware that our kids are bombarded with EMF’s, information, peer pressures, school pressures, social pressures, an expectation to fit into the system, she may be facing an array of barriers… more and more kids are disengaging from themselves, their families and friends or their school work… kids are disconnecting. 


The idea to invite other girls along to our nature play was born when we were out exploring the quartz crystals all over our paddocks. Meg (8yo) said, “Mum I wish more kids could have the chance to get out of their house and enjoy these crystals with me”.
The “disconnect (from technology) to reconnect (to nature and ourselves)” girl tribe idea came to life!



We are all so good at the “doing” and “having” - but there is a growing need for kids to practice the art of “being”! To exist in the now, to learn how to “be”. 


We invite your tween girl to wander quartz covered paddocks without any agenda with us; to connect her feet with the earth; to allow her mind to get lost in the magic and beauty of nature; to connect with herself; to practice the art of mindfulness; to feel a connection with animals; and to be with other girls without judgement, in a nurturing environment where we share an innate desire to “feel better, feel more accepted, and feel safe enough to explore”.  


This “Digital Detox” will be less structured. The focus is on activities that promote mindfulness, confidence and self-awareness, while allowing the girls to play and explore with each other. Activities may include:


Yoga on the hill top with amazing views

Barefoot Earthing

Connecting with horses

Cubby Building and Imaginative Play

Exploring Crystals


Gratitude and Growth Mindset activities

Grounding Techniques

Mindful Craft (Not Minecraft!!)

Time just "being"


I would love to invite your tween girl (8-11 year old) along to join our girl tribe! The hours I spend doing this with my girls are some of my favourite times, and we would love to open our gate up to your own girls to come along and share this experience this with us.