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 parents and carers WORKSHOP

Society’s most precious unit still remains ’the family’, and the strength of our community derives from the integrity of the home.

Empowered and connected relationships take work. Meeting the demands of work, parenting, sporting commitments, friendships, the needs of our relationships and our own individual needs can bring stress, overwhelm, worry, anxiety and strain to individuals and relationships. 

Emotionally Fit Parenting

Parenting and caring for others is one of the most important jobs in the world. To be able to guide our children and teen's growth and development and help them equip themselves for adult-hood, is one of the most honourable, impactful and influential roles we can have in this life.

If you are in a partnership or marriage with children, keeping your relationship strong and practicing effective communication, helps you to be an effective parenting team. 

Within your relationship, you may feel like you are struggling to meet the expectation of your partner, your children or own personal expectations. Based off countless conversations I have had with mothers, fathers and carers, it is not unusual for individuals in relationships to feel any of the following:


  • Low self worth

  • Not feeling seen or heard

  • Not feeling understood

  • Feeling lost or stuck

  • Feeling disconnected as a family unit or partnership

  • Feeling like your communication isn't effective

  • Feeling burnt out and emotional

  • Lacking confidence in navigating parenting challenges

Holding Hands

A good relationship starts with good communication


This "Communication and Connection" workshop can help you:

  • Effective communication between partners

  • Increases self awareness and emotional awareness

  • Provide an insight into your communication styles of yourself and your partner

  • Experience a positive way to connect with each other through partnering with a horse who gives honest and immediate feedback to you

  • Connect and communicate with understanding

  • EDISC behavioural profiling is an additional option to go deeper in your understanding of yourself and each other


Are you a single parent? No problems. I offer one on one coaching for mums. I have experienced divorce and adversity surrounding the separation process and have successfully utilised the same teachings and principles to move through those challenging times and raise children without trauma, onto a fulfilling and healthy relationship (please read more on my Transformational Coaching Page). I would be honoured to work with you to help you move your life forwards. Alternatively, I can tailor a workshop for you with your child/ren if you are a single mother, or you may instead be interested in one of my women's workshops. There are options for you if you are a single parent or carer, please arrange a 15 minute workshop discovery call with myself to chat through your options (through my bookings page). 

There are significant strains to relationships and families who care for children with special needs or children and teens with a trauma background. This workshop provides you with an emotionally safe space for you to spend the day working on strengthening yourselves and your emotional fitness. 

Are you a couple without children? No problems. This workshop allows you to work on your relationship and your understanding of one another. This hands-on experience is a powerful way to connect with each other on a deeper level and build on your connection. This workshop makes a unique date idea; an enriching experience to share together; a wedding gift (vouchers available); or an option for couples to consciously work on strengthening your relationship. 

Every great relationship starts with great communication. This includes knowing how to effectively express yourself, articulate your words and how to listen effectively. Our parent and carer workshop open up communication channels that may have been closed for some time, and breathes life back in to your partnership and family unit by working with the horses to re-connect back to the necessary life skills that foster healthy family relationships.

Our couples, parents and carers workshop offers a very special experience to Equip and Empower each individual, to strengthen the family framework.


Some of the benefits you’ll experience are;

  • A better understanding of healthy boundaries

  • Enhanced communication

  • Improved problem solving

  • Deeper empathy

  • Building trust

  • New perspectives on respect

  • Increased self-esteem

“The horses, are our wise and noble teachers, have the capacity to elevate communication and understanding between loved ones. They will show you how to deepen your level of self-awareness as well as the awareness of your partner. They have the ability to gracefully share how to achieve mutual and beneficial boundaries, all the while never ever judging anyone or any situation.”  - Jess

Arrange a call with Jess to discuss your options as she will tailor a horse program to you specifically.

CLICK HERE to select the time for a 15 min workshop call
with Jess.

Workshop Investment: $397 per couple

Date Availability: Contact Jess

Workshop Length: 2.5 hours


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