"A good relationship starts with good communication”



Society’s most precious unit still remains ’the family’, and the strength of our community derives from the integrity of the home.

While the benefits of technology are widely known, the downfall is that it can create a family divide. As technology increases, the nature of communication within the family unit is decreasing, as well as some other fundamental life skills.


Along with a diminishing communication skills, we find ourselves living in a “microwave society”, where teens and young adults are meeting the expectations of this new mindset by wanting things “instantly” and “on demand”, losing some important skills including patience, problem-solving, a lack of empathy, building resilience etc.


Many families schedules are so full between work commitments, sports commitments and after-school activities, and this is contributing to the break down of family bonds and communication.

A great relationship starts with great communication. This includes knowing how to effectively express yourself, articulate your words and how to listen effectively. Our family programs open up communication channels that may have been closed for some time, and breathes life back in to your family unit by working with the horses to re-connect back to the necessary life skills that foster healthy family relationships.


Our family programs and workshops offer a very special experience to Enhance and Empower each individual within your family,
and your entire family unit as a whole.


Some of the benefits you’ll experience are;

  • A better understanding of healthy boundaries

  • Enhanced communication

  • Improved problem solving

  • Deeper empathy

  • Skills to assist in resolving conflict

  • Building trust

  • New perspectives on respect

  • Increased self-esteem

“The horses, are our wise and noble teachers, have the capacity to elevate communication and understanding between loved ones. They will show you how to deepen your level of self-awareness as well as the awareness of your family members. They have the ability to gracefully share how to achieve mutual and beneficial boundaries, all the while never ever judging anyone or any situation.”  - Jess

Aside from Family programs, watch our Special Events page and check our "What's On!" tab for our special
Relationship-Enhancing Workshops! These once-a-year special days include:

Mother's Day

Father's Day
Valentine's Day

There is no greater gift than spending quality time with your family, while spending time in a space that promotes a healthier relationship with the ones you love.


Please visit our Research & Media page for more information on how our Leading Change Equine-Assisted programs will bring your family results that enhance and empower the relationships within your family.