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We are living in a time where the world is full of uncertainty and disconnect. Mental distress is on the rise, including (non clinical) anxiety and depression. Actively working on our mental, emotional and spiritual development is fundamental when it comes to promoting positive mental health and a balanced philosophical outlook on our own life's experiences. When we start to build our understanding, wisdom and knowledge about our inner world (inside of ourselves) and how that relates to our outer world (external to ourselves), we begin to feel more equipped to manage ourselves, our emotions and our responses to life situations. Being emotionally fit  is more than just being resilient.

And realising this, is our starting point. But where to start?

Developing ourselves and our emotional fitness starts with developing our Self Awareness.

To this day, I don't know of a better teacher or guide in helping us deepen our self awareness, than the Horse.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the  inside of a man”

- W. Churchill


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Emotional Fitness

Our emotional fitness is measured by our
relationship with uncertainty


We all have an internal compass that assists us in developing our self leadership attributes so that we can navigate our lives through not only the good times, but also through set backs, adversity or uncertainty. 

The compass represent the competencies that are foundational drivers of school, career, relationship and life success, as well as the pathways that represent different areas of our development that benefit our lives . Ultimately, as humans we are seeking happiness, fulfilment and meaning as we move through our different life stage 

The horses help us reconnect back with our internal compass so that we can start to "lead from within". 

Ultimately, as humans we are seeking happiness, fulfilment and meaning. By connecting more consciously and intentionally with our inner selves, we have the ability to;


  • Develop deeper self awareness

  • Develop our emotional intelligence 

  • Define our life values

  • Live in alignment to our core values

  • Make conscious choices with confidence

  • Take accountability and responsibility for our thoughts and actions

  • Develop a healthy perspective

  • Reduce non clinical anxiety and depression

  • Find clarity around self identity

  • More confidence to be our authentic selves

  • Work innately with our intuition 

  • Lead ourselves through challenges and tricky times

  • Make powerful life decisions that are best for ourselves

  • Have a healthier relationship with uncertainty

  • Improve our relationships with others

  • Identify when life is out of balance and have the tools to lead positive change in our lives

Horses are the most incredible teachers of life. They help us reconnect with our deepest and truest parts of ourselves. I invite you to come on a profound journey with the horses, one where they will assist you in reconnecting with your inner world and your inner life compass. 

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