"Learn To Lead" - Holiday Series
Life Skills & Self Leadership
for Tween & Teens

Promoting Emotional Awareness,
Healthy Perspective, Communication & Connection

School Holiday  Series

"Learn To Lead" Holiday Series is a shortened, more intensive life skills holiday program. 

Your tween or teen would participate in three Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Life Skills programs where the horses step in as the "teachers". I have selected three powerful programs from the full curriculum that introduce your young people to the concept of SELF LEADERSHIP. 

Self Leadership is made up of life-serving traits, attributes, skills and a deeper awareness of self (and others). It is developed from working on ourselves and our skills from the inside, out.


A self-leader takes responsibility for their actions and works on developing their ability to make empowered choices; looks at challenges as opportunities for growth; 

We focus on interpersonal skills development as part of this learning journey.

If this is your first visit to Leading Change Experiences, please take a moment to look through our website to learn about; why we work with horses as teachers; more about the youth skill building programs etc. The FAQ page has answers to many of the more common questions I am asked.

Traditionally I have run youth programs over the school term. However, I have transitioned from running the programs from afterschool and weekends, to school-hours with youth organisations and as a result, parents and carers have expressed interest in Holiday Programs. 

Being a busy mamma myself, I have developed a shorter holiday program so that children and teens can still participate, learn and grow while being guided on their self-leadership path by our amazing horses. 

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Connection . Confidence . Creativity . Courage . Communication

In a world full of worries and disconnect... and with marketing strategies and social media amplifying false illusions of health, beauty, self worth and real life situations... our tweens and teens are finding it harder and harder to shine from within. Our horses provide the medium for a transformational experience for our young people.



For Teens, Self Leadership can be defined as:

  • It means to be able to develop oneself as an independent, autonomous, and confident being.

  • It means to be able to make meaningful, good, and non-judgmental decisions and so forth.

Leadership holds great importance.

It helps teens in their near future in various areas of life including family, social circle, career, personal development, and so on.

These include patience, empathy, reliability, active listening, dependability, creativity, positivity, positive feedback, team building, flexibility, coordination, and so forth.

These leadership skills make the leader an effective one and act as a source of motivation for others(source: https://optimistminds.com/leadership-activities-for-teens/)

When we develop personal leadership, life skills and self empowerment, we have the tools we need to navigate the "rough roads" in life. We know how to connect to our own personal power we can learn how to grow through challenging times instead of feeling overwhelmed by them. We learn the art of taking emotional responsibility.

Please contact Jess:

Ph: 0438 538 512

e: info@leadingchangeexperiences.com.au

Tweens: 10 to 12 years
Teens: 13 to 16 years

The Holiday Series is run as a BuildingBlock™  structure, so children and teens need to be able to attend all 3 sessions.

The Holiday Series will be run in two venues in the School Holidays.

July Holidays - Strathalbyn

September Holidays - Strathalbyn and Willalooka (SE)


Cost: $240

(Includes three EAL Sessions at 2 hours each)

My daughter attended a teen workshop for girls in the holidays with Jess and her horses and what a wonderful day she had. Jess is warm,friendly and so lovely. Add the interaction with the horses (which my girl has never been close to in this way), the effect on her was immediate. With all the counsellors etc we have seen the one day spent with Jess and her team outweighs everything else. Can't recommend this amazing opportunity enough.. Jess and horse Hippy, thank you so much for all you are doing and for providing such a beautiful environment to help our kids..... THANK YOU...."💕