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EquiLEAD Program

Go From Challenges To Team Cohesion...
Empowering Individuals & Transforming Teams

"Connected Teams Demonstrate: 
21% increase in profitability over their less-connected counter parts;
41% less absenteeism,
59% less employee turnover; 66% increase in employee wellness;
37% of employees said "working with a great team" was their primary reason for staying in a business even if they weren't happy with their job"
-AIIR Consulting


In workplaces today, the success of a team isn't solely dependent on mastering technical skills and specialised knowledge. Instead, it thrives on the often underestimated pillars of cultivating a high-trust culture, nurturing relationships, fostering effective communication, and embracing calm, confident, and adaptable leadership that can navigate change, transitions, and uncertainty. The reality is that teams are made up of individuals with their own behaviours, patterns, communication styles, perspectives, belief systems, values, ethics, attitudes, energy and intent! -
Every single person is contributing to the overall team culture and success of the group or team. Individual development is crucial for creating a functional team where each individual feels like they belong. Every member's growth enhances the collective harmony, performance, resilience and results.

Do you experience?


  •      People fearing constructive feedback?

  •      Spending Time Managing Personality Clashes?

  •      Communication Gaps Or Breakdowns?

  •      Interpersonal Conflict?

  •      Team Members Feeling Stressed?

  •      Limited Leadership Capacity?

  •      Lack Of Trust Amongst Team Members?

  •      Individuals Not Sharing Thoughts/Ideas In Meetings?

  •      Poor Collaboration Or Cooperation?

  •      Limited Perspectives? 

  •      Low Engagement or Motivation?

  •      Blame Culture?

  •      Resistance To Change?

  •      Managing people's emotions during critical conversations?            

  •      Lack In Emotional Intelligence?

These photos are from one of my many Iceland visits_edited.jpg

“A team is not a group of people who work together.
A team is a group of people that trust each other.”

-Simon Sinek


Why Invest In Your People & Team?

Statistics show that investing in leadership and interpersonal skills can drastically improve the employee experience. For example:

70% of employees report higher job satisfaction when their leaders demonstrate strong interpersonal skills,

Companies that invest in leadership development see a 25% increase in productivity,

85% of businesses agree that strong team culture significantly boosts overall performance.

Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report:
74% less stress,
106% more energy at work,
50% higher productivity, 13% fewer sick days,
76% more engagement, 29% more satisfaction with their lives,
40% less burnout"

- The Neuroscience of Trust

Use equiLEAD  To Shift From Disengagement & Challenges To -
Better Communication,  Higher Engagement,
Better Collaboration and a More Cohesive Team!


Create an psychologically-safe, emotionally flexible and productive workplace culture! 

The Solution!

Welcome to a groundbreaking approach to leadership and team culture development designed to help your people develop
essential skills, create strong and trusting connections, and
achieve remarkable results together!

Finally, a experiential training solution that will help you..

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  • Strengthen Individual Self Leadership Capacity

  • Develop Individual Self Agency & Accountability

  • Expand Perspectives and Belief Systems

  • Understand WHY Vulnerability In Leadership

  • Encourage Participation Without Judgement

  • Develop Tangible Trust

  • Build A Feedback-Friendly Environment

  • Equip Your Individuals To Navigate Different Personalities & Behaviours

  • Equip Your Individuals With Adaptable Communication Skills 

  • Increase Engagement

Health Benefits of Yoga Instagram Story_edited.png
  • Understand Communication & Feelings In Conflict 

  • Resolution

  • Build a Psychologically Safe Team Culture Centered Around Understanding People and Emotions

  • Understand Human Behaviours To Develop Empathy & Adaptability

  • Strengthen Collaboration

  • Navigate Change and Transitions Calmly and Confidently

  • Manage Emotions in Conversations

  • Harmonise Team Dynamics

The equiLEAD Program

Screen Shot 2024-06-09 at 9.18.36 am.png

The LEAD Experience -
Interactive Leadership Development

The LEAD Experience is a transformative leadership development program designed to be interactive and engaging. This three-day program can be spread over several months and is best delivered in person to achieve optimal outcomes. However, it can also be conducted via Zoom for remote participants. The program can be run onsite at your workplace or offsite at a location of your choice. This non-horse version focuses on developing a behaviourally aware culture through essential people skills and leadership skills. Includes engaging, interactive and practical sessions.

Please Note:
Completion of the first workshop 
LeadSELF  is a prerequisite for advancing to the second and third levels of our leadership framework.

Screen Shot 2024-06-09 at 9.22.40 am.png

The equiLEAD Transformational Experience -
Equine-Led Leadership Development

The eqLEAD Equine Experience is an in-depth, equine-led leadership development program tailored to your team's needs. This comprehensive program leverages the experiential, sensory, and kinesthetic learning provided by interactions with horses. The sessions can be scheduled over several months and offer a unique, hands-on approach to leadership development. We have two facilities in South Australia (Strathalbyn and Willalooka) and can accommodate interstate requests, subject to location.

Please Note:
Completion of the first workshop LeadSELF  is a prerequisite for advancing to the second and third levels of our leadership framework.

The Training Framework




  • Self leadership principles and attributes

  • Better self-awareness of patterns and behaviours

  • Perspective

  • Emotional fitness

  • Understanding your own personal behavioural profile

  • Mindset mastery


  • Enhanced self-agency

  • Improved self-accountability

  • Better stress management

  • Navigate change and transitions


  • Both horse-based and non-horse programs available


Screen Shot 2024-06-08 at



  • Developing interpersonal skills

  • Enhancing communication abilities

  • Building relationship skills

  • Profiling team behaviours

  • Cultivating emotional culture


  • Gaining new insights into different behavioural styles and effective communication

  • Increasing trust within the team

  • Improving overall collaboration


  • Collaborate with team members and horses to understand diverse behavioural and communication styles

  • Work on various interpersonal skills through engaging activities

  • Non-horse program available with alternative interactive exercises




  • Building a high-trust, functional, and psychologically safe team culture.

  • Crafting of strategies to maintain your renewed culture.


  • Enhanced team cohesion

  • Strong commitment to goals

  • Effective conflict resolution

  • Robust accountability structures

  • Sustained high performance


  • Develop a high-performing team culture through engaging trust and leading with vulnerability 

  • Real-time problem-solving to strengthen relationships and communication in uncertain environments

  • More comprehensive mentoring available to continue the development journey for leadership, businesses or teams

What's Included in equiLEAD

Behavioural Profiling

  • Deep dive into self-awareness, the foundation for developing leadership.

  • Extended DISC behavioral profiling assessments provide a behavior blueprint for team members.

  • Crucial data for individuals and team leaders/managers on maximizing performance and improving team dynamics.

  • Not a standard personality profile; personalized reports highlight natural vs. adapted strengths, communication preferences, and areas for growth.

  • "Behavioral flexibility helps you make the most out of every situation and challenge."

  • Team Unpack workshop included in the "AgriLEAD" program.


Communication Styles

  • Explore different communication styles and their impact on leadership effectiveness.

  • Learn about personal and team members' communication styles.

  • Develop strategies to adapt communication for better connections with team members, customers, clients, community members, colleagues, and professionals.

  • Gain new perspectives on handling conflicts and creating a functional team.


Tailored Leadership Development

  • Engage in tailored leadership education, including experiential collaboration with horses.

  • Emphasise leadership principles, competencies, and behaviors.

  • Develop interpersonal skills, behavioural awareness, and leadership agility.

  • Learn essential human skills to build and maintain a culture of trust, cooperation, and collaboration.

  • Participate in activities like the Emotional Culture Deck, suitable for individuals at any stage of their leadership journey.

Building High-Trust

  • Delve into principles of creating and maintaining a high-trust team environment.

  • Understand personal roles in fostering a desirable team culture.

  • Learn to overcome team dysfunctions and build a culture where people feel valued, seen, heard, and psychologically safe.

  • Navigate constructive and conflicting discussions with a natural human approach.


Implementable Learning From Horse Leadership Roles & Culture

  • Leverage the natural roles and interactions of horses to enhance human leadership abilities and team engagement.

  • Guided activities draw parallels between horse and human behaviors to enrich self-leadership and interpersonal dynamics.

  • Explore the importance of trust, respect, body language, energy, intention, focus, communication, adaptability, and empathy.

  • Gain profound insights into effective leadership and teamwork.

  • Empower individuals to lead and collaborate more effectively.

Build Trust, Overcome Dysfunction, Achieve Results

"Imagine a world where more people, teams and organisations can have better, more emotionally aware days - where they feel acknowledged, accepted and free to state what is happening for them in the moment and beyond."
- Jeremy from ECD

Model Rural (1).png

I believe firmly in the leadership experience. When team members, leaders and business owners undergo transformation in themselves, their relationships, communication, and leadership capacity,

the bottom line naturally prospers.

It's more than developing skills; it's about developing a profound level of behavioural awareness that ripples through every aspect of your business, department or organisation.
When employees, leaders and teams lead with trust, unity and purpose, they unlock a heightened level of productivity and engagement where every member is fully invested in the collective success.

Let's embark on this journey together and transform your leaders and teams from the inside out.

- Jess

What We Specialise In

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Why Choose Experiential Training With Horses?

Experiential learning harnesses the power of applying knowledge and conceptual understanding in real-life situations. Dive into authentic problems or scenarios that represent real time uncertainty when collaborating with horses.


At LCE, every unique experiential training session ensures effective skill development that is fun, deeply profound and memorable, and will deliver the results you are looking for. Horses are a particularly effective vehicle for professional development. They enable the unseen, to be seen, and help leaders identify their blind spots. 

Read more about why we partner with horses here.


We Work With

  • Business Owners and Teams

  • Executives

  • Leaders, Managers

  • HR

  • Employees

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Community Organisations

  • Trainers & Coaches

  • Govt. Departments

  • Sporting Teams

Why Choose Us?

Including these horse-assisted components in your leadership development program will offer participants a transformative and memorable experience. It allows them to connect theoretical knowledge about leadership with real-world, tangible experiences, reinforcing key concepts and providing a unique perspective on leadership development.


Specialised Facilitator:
Jess is a certified senior facilitator with 7 years experience and combines deep expertise in leadership and team culture development with a profound understanding of equine-assisted learning. She guide participants through a transformative journey with support and skill. 


Customised to Your Needs:
We understand that every agri-business is unique and has employees that are at different stages on their leadership journey. For rural businesses, families and organisations, we offer a program that is tailored to meet your specific goals and requirements.


Memorable Experiences:
Incorporating equine-assisted activities guarantees that our program is not just informative but also implementable and unforgettable and fun! Participants leave with profound insights and lasting memories that stay with them long after the program concludes. Moreover, Jess is available for follow-up training and coaching as needed to further support your journey.


Practical Application:
We bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our participants not only learn about leadership but also have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in real-life situations. Collaborating with horses introduces a large element of unpredictability, allowing individuals to put their skills and knowledge into action while confronting real-time challenges in an uncertain environment.


Lasting Impact:
Our training fosters positive change. We cater to the different learning styles and is particularly impactful for kinesthetic learners. Participants emerge from our program not only as more effective leaders but also as individuals who are better equipped to navigate the uncertainties of today's world.

Herds to Horses are just like Teams to People..

Three Horses_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Where Are We?

Leading Change Experiences utilises two South Australian venues for the horse programs - Strathalbyn and Willalooka (near Keith in the SE).

Both facilities offer a nature-based atmosphere that is an inspiring environment and learning space for an unmatched learning and development experience.

The LEAD program is designed for flexibility, offering facilitated sessions remotely, on-site at your place of employment or at our venues with the horses, to best suit your team's needs. 

Client Feedback from Development At Work Australia

“Equine Assisted Learning has really helped me to see my strengths and develop awareness of how I come across”

“Equine Assisted Learning will help me because it focuses me on my body language and what signals I’m sending out”

“Equine Assisted Learning has really helped me to see how to better focus and set goals”

“It has made more aware of how I communicate with others”

“I felt confident and learnt trust”

“It reinforced the importance of focusing on the goal”

“I recommend the Equine Assisted Learning Day…it really helped me see the bigger picture”


Reach out to Jess today to explore the potential of our equiLEAD program. Ideal for employees, managers, leaders, education department leaders, business owners, decision-makers, community partners, and anyone seeking to advance people, teams and leadership development. Whether you aim to nurture emerging talent, transform your team dynamics, or build leadership capacity, Jess is ready to discuss how equiLEAD can align with your goals and fulfill your developmental needs as part of this powerful leadership experience.
Jess looks forward to working with you achieve your objectives.

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