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Leadership with Horses

Esther Cruckshank (Esther Cruckshank Horsemanship Coaching) and Jess Keenan (Leading Change Experiences) are coming together to offer this unique and powerful workshop for horse owners, combining both mindset development and horsemanship. Esther and Jess have a strong background and ongoing journey in personal development and leadership. Both ladies have a similar base for their horsemanship journey, starting when they were both young teenagers.

Esther’s path led her to foundational training for horses in various disciplines for a number of years. Now, she is focussing most of her time on coaching horse owners on the mindset and skill set they need, to develop a better partnership with their horses.

Jess has continued on a journey of self-discovery with her own horses, leading her to fulfilling her purpose by facilitating life skills and leadership development programs through working with horses. Jess is accredited through Equine Connection as an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) facilitator.

This workshop is about self-leadership, both in your equine partnership and in your personal life. Self-leadership is actively developing an awareness and confident sense of who you are, taking ownership of what you do and being intentional about where you are going, both in life and when working with your horse.

This workshop is designed to take your leadership skills to a higher level. You will be working on the knowledge, skills and attributes that help you become the authentic leader that your horse chooses to follow. It is about learning to lead with courage and confidence, building a partnership based on mutual trust, respect and confidence. In addition, it is about building on the wisdom and skills that will equip you to become the pioneer of your own life and navigate challenges, uncertainties and changes that arise in your personal and/or professional life.

This self-discovery journey is designed to allow you to:

  • Become the confident leader of your own life and your equine partnership (irrespective of what discipline you ride)

  • Develop your emotional intelligence

  • Interpersonal / Relational skill development

  • Expand your horsemanship journey with a heightened self-awareness, built on trust, respect and confidence, balance, connection and challenges, with your horse

  • Learning to be better for our horses, rather than trying to train the horses to put up with our inadequacies

  • Equipping us with the mindset and skill set required to help us overcome challenges and move forward with our lives

  • Developing ourselves through increasing our skills, knowledge and wisdom toward self empowerment

This unique workshop is limited to 6 people, to ensure an intimate experience with a safe and non-judgmental space for growth. You will be working with Jess’s EAL horses in the morning, then after lunch you will switch over to working with your own horse in the afternoon with Esther.

Date: Sunday 21st November

Cost: $205 pp including a Catered Lunch

Venue: The Riding Patch, Strathalbyn

Leadership With Horses
Workshop Registration

Deposit for this workshop is $100

Thank you so much, we cannot wait to journey with you xx



Horsemanship & Mindset Coaching

Esther is a dedicated horsemanship trainer and HSA qualified coach. She works with a wide variety of horses, from foundation training, through to advanced competition horses. Her many students vary from beginners through to accomplished riders in their chosen equestrian discipline. On a regular basis, Esther conducts a variety of clinics and workshops, both locally and interstate. She also does private coaching, for students who share her passion for developing a partnership with their horses, focussing toward the specific goals of each individual.

The mindset and success principles we learn, in building this partnership with horses, are highly applicable life skills. Esther knows how working with horses has helped her become the person she is today. She is keen to share this knowledge with others, especially at-risk youth, or just anyone who may be struggling to find their way in this world.



Authentic Leadership Coach

Jess is mother to two beautiful girls, Meg and Bonnie. She owns Leading Change Experiences, a learning centre where she facilitates leadership, empowerment and life skills programs with 'horses as the teachers', near the edge of the Adelaide Hills. Jess studied horsemanship from 14 years of age and her first mentor, Wayne Banney, was instrumental to her discovery of the connection between horses and self development. She in travelled to the USA through her 20's and worked with horsemen there, while gaining her accreditation in Equine Massage and Reiki, before furthering her studies in Equine Bowen Therapy back here in Australia. 

Jess is author of "Think Your Way To Freedom" which was written to compliment her love for 'living intentionally'. She loves delving into human development, horses, entrepreneurship, holistic health and regenerative agriculture, but is most passionate about women and teens equipping themselves with resilience and the self leadership skills to assist individuals moving forward and navigating through life's challenges with confidence, certainty and clarity, while harnessing the skills and attributes needed to live a meaningful life while attaining personal or professional goals. 

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