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Jess Keenan

Jess Keenan

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Leading Change Experiences was founded by Jess Keenan. Jess's diverse work experience spans Agronomy, Beef Production, Mining, Viticulture, Contracting, and Direct Sales. In 2017, Jess launched Leading Change Experiences to combine her passion for leadership, horse culture, and human development. Since then, she has served over 1000 clients in the space of leadership and life skills from varied backgrounds, including neuro-diverse children and corporate executives.

Jess has found her true calling in facilitating the growth of people and teams in business and the workplace. She brings a powerful array of leadership education tools to the table, being a qualified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator, Neuro-Transformation Therapy coach, an Emotional Fitness practitioner, and a Human Behavioural Profiling and Emotional Culture Deck facilitator.

Jess believes that everyone has the potential to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills. Emotions drive behaviour, so working on that part of ourselves is crucial. By understanding and managing our emotional flexibility, behavioral patterns, perspectives, and interpersonal skills, we can improve our interactions and relationships, enhance our leadership capabilities, and create more cohesive, high-performing teams.

Jess’s approach is rooted in the belief that self-leadership and self-agency are key to unlocking true leadership potential. Through her unique programs, she helps individuals, leaders and teams cultivate self-awareness, emotional fitness, relational skills, and effective communication. This not only enhances individual growth and resilience but also drives organisational success.

Outside of her professional life, Jess is a dedicated mother to three girls and enjoys riding horses in her spare time. She has a love for mountains, the bush, quantum physics, healing modalities, BBQs and people and their life stories. With her partner Scott, Jess is currently building a Training and Event facility on their Willalooka Farm, a unique venue for her programs and a dry-hire space for other groups to utilise. Jess’s commitment to business, leadership, and human development shines through in everything she does, making Leading Change Experiences a unique, transformative and impactful journey for all involved.

Why Choose Us?

We Lead Change - We Transform People

At Leading Change Experiences, we partner with businesses, departments and organisations who prioritise their people, recognising them as their greatest asset.

We understand that success in today's changing workplace environments requires more than just technical expertise—it demands exceptional human skills and a deep understanding of behavioural dynamics. With our tailored programs, we specialise in empowering individuals, leaders, and teams to unlock their full potential by developing essential human skills and fostering behavioural awareness. What sets us apart is our commitment to building trusting relationships, cultivating aware and adaptable leadership, and nurturing an emotionally supportive culture within your organisation. We believe that when individuals feel valued, understood, and empowered, they not only thrive personally but also contribute to a happier, more cohesive workforce. Our holistic approach not only enhances employee well-being but also drives tangible business outcomes, making us the ideal partner for businesses or organisations committed to fostering a culture of continuous growth, where investing in people leads to sustainable business success.

Our Beliefs

Leadership Development: We believe that leadership is a set of beliefs, skills and competencies that can be developed and refined through dedicated effort and the right guidance. We believe that the combination of conscious awareness and conscious behaviours and actions creates leaders who can navigate any situation with calm, confidence and certainty.

Emotional Fitness: Understanding and managing emotions is essential for effective leadership and personal growth. We believe that the quality of our experience at work is directly related to the quality of our relationship with uncertainty.

Holistic Growth: Our approach integrates human development, human behaviour, emotional fitness, proven principles and tools, and practical leadership skills to create well-rounded, aware and adaptable leaders and engaged and connected teams.

Transformative Experiences: By engaging with our unique program with horses, individuals & teams can experience profound shifts in their belief systems, perspective and behaviours - leading to positive and resourceful changes in individual's happiness and your team dynamics.

Discover the power of personal and team development with Leading Change Experiences.
Let’s work together to build more conscious leaders and employees and more cohesive teams.

The philosophy behind collaborating with horses is aligned with the quote by
Anthony Lothian that states:

"Horses teach us a lot, and very little of it has to do with horses"

Your program or workshop experience is personalised to fit your specific objectives and needs.

At Leading Change Experiences, our one-of-a-kind experience is designed to transform and empower individuals and teams from the inside out. Our distinctive model integrates behavioural awareness, relationship skills, communication skills, and the development of adaptable leadership qualities to ensure that your business or organisation creates the foundation to build and maintain a high trust culture, supported by genuine relationships and real human-ness. 

We provide a variety of delivery formats for our workshops and programs, catering to both on-site and off-site preferences. Our expertly guided ground activities with horses offer a unique opportunity for team members to develop essential skills, awareness, and qualities necessary for fostering a functional and harmonious team dynamic.

As part of our LCE Leadership program, you gain access to our comprehensive offerings. In addition to our unique horse programs, we offer a range of exclusive tools and experiences designed to elevate your team's performance. From advanced behavioral profiling and immersive emotional culture deck workshops to specialised Emotional Fitness masterclasses, we provide unparalleled opportunities for growth and development.


Explore our premium offerings and discover how we can take your team to new heights.

No prior horse experience? No problem. Our sessions are meticulously designed for beginners, ensuring a seamless and professional process that is both impactful and transformative. Jess is proudly certified by Horse Safety Australia, as a professional extension to her Equine Assisted Learning training. 
Unlike traditional training room settings, our approach with horses offers a distinctive learning experience that resonates long after the session ends.

There are thousands of metrics to measure someone's performance. Our horses serve as a unique measure for gauging human qualities such as trust, interpersonal skills, communication and overall humanness! 

At Leading Change Experiences, we prioritise the well-being and engagement of every participant, prioritising a culture of trust, collaboration, commitment and accountability that seamlessly translates into your team working cohesively toward achieving results.

Embark on this remarkable journey with us and experience the profound shift in awareness among individuals in your workplace. Witness firsthand as they assimilate these essential learnings, behaviours, and skills, transforming your culture into one of trust, cohesiveness and cooperation.

Meet Jess's Team

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