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About.. & What's Coming! 

Jess Keenan

Jess's Story


Jess thrives on vision, growth and possibility. From a young age, she developed a giddy passion for horses who as a teen was fortunate to be mentored by a natural horseman who introduced her to the idea that for humans to partner with horses successfully, we must become the leader that the horse chooses to willingly follow. 

From Jess -
"My relationship with horses fueled my love for the unique combination of self development and equine partnership. Training horses has always been the catalyst that allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the strong parallels between horse culture and human culture. I realised that many of the skills and values that are important for effective leadership, eg. effective communication, trust, assertiveness, certainty, collaboration etc in the horse world, are also critical in human interactions. This insight inspired me to found Leading Change Experiences to be able to leverage the wisdom of horse culture to help people develop the skills and awareness that can help them thrive in their personal and professional lives.

The philosophy of my work is aligned with the quote by Anthony Lothian that states. This quote resonates with me deeply as it encapsulates the essence of what I do. 

"Horses teach us a lot and very little of it has to do with horses"

Rewinding a little.. I studied Agriculture and was drawn to leadership positions through my teen years. I was Head Prefect at Urrbrae Agricultural HS and received a scholarship to attend Roseworthy Ag College. Post study, I spent my 20's navigating the inner pull between wanting to build a career as an Agronomist and exploring the world like a gypsy - so I did both, spending a number of years working in corporate Ag between worldly travels. In my mid 20's I met a cowboy who matched my desire for life adventure. The next decade for me was an eclectic mix of working in isolated areas on mine sites, cattle stations and building home business pursuits - building a team with like-minded people. I am a soul-centered entrepreneur who was always working toward bringing meaning to my world and my passions to life by blazing my personal trail. My endeavours weren't always conventional but I have always brave enough to follow what is meaningful to me while still raising babies; being housewife, feeding cattle; and having a key role in my then husband's contracting business. Many were unaware of my own personal challenges in supporting a loved one struggling with addiction and mental illness. I have a deep sensitivity and profound respect for the people who were part of my journey through my marriage break down and maintain a level of privacy. Where it's appropriate, I do share my story in person - it's my story to share.  My experiences have given me a deep understanding of the challenges and obstacles that can arise in relationships affected by mental health. From my experience, I am equipped with empathy and the insight necessary (along with my coaching certification) to provide valuable guidance to others who may be going through similar struggles. I am always willing to share my story when it can help others on their own journey towards healing and empowerment. In 2019, I was invited to be the guest speaker at the SA Rural Women's Gathering, my speech was centered around women's empowerment where I was fortunate enough to share my story and insights to over 70 rural women from around the state. My 6 years experience and knowledge in the area of equine-facilitated learning has allowed me to provide valuable insights to a wider audience on radio, highlighting the benefits of working with horses for mental health and wellbeing. Fast forward to the now.. I am highly motivated to create a positive impact in people's lives by providing them with the necessary mental, emotional and personal skills to confidently navigate challenges or change - with certainty. Being a mother of young girls, I have a personal drive to empower young people with life and relational skills that will help them create a meaningful pathway forwards for themselves."  With a rich and diverse work history, Jess has honed her skills to work effectively in various settings. Her experience in co-facilitating 400 children and teens in the social emotional learning program "What's The Buzz?" is a testament to her expertise in working with young people. She has worked with neurodivergent children and teens from different backgrounds through her certification from Mark Le Messurier and completing Madhavi Naweena Parker's Confident Minds Curriculum. Additionally, Jess has worked with youth at risk and DCP as part of her horse-led youth programs, showcasing her dedication to supporting young people from all walks of life.

What's Next?

An exciting new project is taking shape for Jess and her family. Leading Change Experiences is relocating to Willalooka in the South East! There are some exciting plans in the works for an event venue/equine facility as Scott & Jess move their lives forwards together. 

Xmas Rocks Farm will be Jess's new base, she's bringing a lot of energy to the area and together with Scott will be building a purpose-built and innovative facility in the Limestone Coast region. Willalooka is accessible from the lower south east, the upper south east and the western districts of Vic.

Moving location has led to a shift in focus towards providing service and training to different teams, particularly those in the service, business and employment sectors, as well as emerging leaders in the rural region. Her commitment to helping people develop emotional fitness and leadership skills remains at the core of her work, and she is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those she works with.

Scott and Jess are excited by what's ahead with the Xmas Rocks Farm and Event Facility. The versatile facility will be home to a range of events, including leadership and team training sessions, corporate retreats, professional women's retreats complete with conference rooms, outdoor settings, and bar and catering facilities. Additionally, the facility will host rural weddings, making use of the rural surroundings. An equine facility will support Jess's purpose-driven work, allowing her to continue offering her unique programs. The space will be designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for a variety of events to be hosted both in-house and available for others to hire.

Jess and her girls are looking forward to this move and connecting back to rural community. Scott and Jess's plans are moving forward with their Xmas Rocks Farm and Event Facility. There is a heck of a lot of work to do, but the couple are committed to bringing their vision to life. 

When Jess isn't working, you can usually find her with her daughters by her side. Together, they spend time doing property jobs and enjoying their ponies and pets. Meg has followed in her mum's footsteps and has started her own venture called Little Leaders. Jess's partner Scott also has a daughter, and they love to spend time creating experiences and memories with their blended family.

As part of her commitment to making learning and development accessible and flexible, Jess is available to coach individuals via zoom ("Breakthrough to be you!") and is developing an online course for self-paced learning. Her innovative approach to coaching and facilitation is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to overcome challenges, break through barriers and build their skills and knowledge in self leadership and personal growth.

Meet The Team

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