The Journey of "Unbecoming"

Since I did an average job of keeping the consistency with my #21daysoftruth videos on Insta and my FB page, I thought it was fitting to start blogging in a way that I expand on my own truth from the perspective of the real me, on REAL life, real women, real expectations and real truths.

The type of woman that I am NOT - is the well groomed, well organised, and consistently maintained wife, business owner and mother... I laugh out loud as I write this - but in many ways, I am tired of the perception that we have to present for social acceptance as a woman putting ourselves out there on social media. It seems to me with the genres that I follow for inspiration, my inspiration is waining! I have talked to a good friend of mine about this. It is quite apparent that the biz chics that are gaining momentum with their businesses and following online, still to this day, exceed a majority of the people who are putting really valuable and helpful content out there for all of us - simply because they have that Cindy Crawford presence.


In the well-being world that I follow, the faces that we see the most are the pictures of insta-perfection. The world of filters is what it really is. And yes I do use filters myself in some of my photos (I love the vintage colouring), but most of the women and men out there set their