The Journey of "Unbecoming"

Since I did an average job of keeping the consistency with my #21daysoftruth videos on Insta and my FB page, I thought it was fitting to start blogging in a way that I expand on my own truth from the perspective of the real me, on REAL life, real women, real expectations and real truths.

The type of woman that I am NOT - is the well groomed, well organised, and consistently maintained wife, business owner and mother... I laugh out loud as I write this - but in many ways, I am tired of the perception that we have to present for social acceptance as a woman putting ourselves out there on social media. It seems to me with the genres that I follow for inspiration, my inspiration is waining! I have talked to a good friend of mine about this. It is quite apparent that the biz chics that are gaining momentum with their businesses and following online, still to this day, exceed a majority of the people who are putting really valuable and helpful content out there for all of us - simply because they have that Cindy Crawford presence.


In the well-being world that I follow, the faces that we see the most are the pictures of insta-perfection. The world of filters is what it really is. And yes I do use filters myself in some of my photos (I love the vintage colouring), but most of the women and men out there set their cameras up and make themselves up, before they expose their faces or bodies out into the insta-filtered world.

My truth is... I have such a short amount of time to do anything without my beautiful and loud 2 year old Bonnie - who completely loves to sabotage me doing anything on the phone (Toddler Life Lesson #34543 - "Keep mum on her Spiritual pathway by keeping "her in the moment" and her awareness here on ME in the present") - that I have to move quick! I have to whip out my phone and use it, in the moment. I don't get the time to stop life and get "photo-ready".

I show up with dirt on my shirt, hat hair, and dogs running around barking like crazy..

Anyway, getting back to the #21daysoftruth videos...

Life happens. It does. I had all intention of sticking to a daily video - and some would argue that to be taken seriously online I have to stick to that - to "show up" with organisation and commitment to that and all the rest... but I have come full circle and am completely ok with my videos portraying my real life.

If people don't resonate with that, that is ok, we are each on our own journey, and it simply means we are not in alignment on that level - and there is nothing wrong with that. (PS same goes for our circle of friends - a gritty topic but one that will be had!)

I have decided to open up more of my personal journey. To do this I have to get even more vulnerable. One of the biggest things that brings me joy and has me chomping at the bit to do more of - is getting women together. At my women's workshops, my main priority is to hold the safe space for women to share more of your authenticity and vulnerability, without judgement. To be heard and seen and to allow you to re-attach to more of your "inner" while we share the heart space. I actually feel that this is an essential experience for any woman - particularly for women who are seeking to expand themselves. It's a really special experience and one that I intend to create more of.

Welcome to my world "without filters". As a woman who's lived through certain experiences and consciously grown through the adversity, I feel I have earned enough badges to call myself a "trailblazer". I have worked hard to develop my emotional resilience and create a solid pathway toward a life full of purposeful pursuits and meaningful moments... and done a lot of the inner work from within certain outer experiences that were less than desirable.

This is the journey of "unbecoming" everything that we have picked up along the way. As quoted by one of my treasured and respected life mentors, Holly Nunan: "The more we become conscious, the faster we can UNBECOME everything we are not, and then, we have nothing to do other than just BE... this will lead to all of us being able to live congruent, authentic lives, that allow us to find our own life's purpose and have the impact we were sent here to have..." and "you don't have to worry about how to get rid of the darkness... you just TURN ON THE LIGHT, and by default, the darkness must dissipate!"

I highly recommend Holly if you are ready to develop yourself beyond your beautiful positivity-filled books and audios - she has been pivotal for my own personal expansion and I can genuinely say, she is a master of this inner work, and an amazing teacher.

I have been through an incredibly turbulent 6 months. I will share more later, but the most crucial tool I have been able to develop for myself, is to anchor in the ability to be able to feel peace, in the pain.

Such simple words, but a skill that has reached the far edges of my soul, and ultimately changed everything within my reality.

Life happens. But it's how we CHOOSE to keep moving through those circumstances and curly and undesirable situations, that really does shape how we evolve as a human-being.

Aaaahhhh life's lessons! Would you agree with me, that the negative or undesirable situations or experience that we have are actually hidden, yet blessed lessons for us? These lessons don't land in our lap as a result of lack of luck, chance or random coincidence.

No! They show up to us to give us the opportunity to LEARN, GROW & EVOLVE....

To be continued....