The Real Grit, The Real Grace!

Hello! I am Jess, I run personal development programs with horses and I am a visionary at the Rural Women's Circle. Given my love for connecting with other women and your stories, I have decided it's time for me to do a blogging series for women. I love women's development and sitting in the space with other women so that we may share the journey's of our lives.

Our real life, our real shiz, our real personal growth, and the real challenges that we experience - but at the end of the day, it's how we support ourselves and each other in the learning of "how to" choose a conscious pathway toward emotional resilience so that we can keep moving our lives in the directions of our dreams, even when the chips are down.

It's real life. Real life is full of contrast... and I believe it's designed this way for a reason. How can we possibly find gratitude in the joyful times if we only ever experience the highs? We are meant to experience the down turns for a reason. We are here to experience feelings and emotions, and what makes life fun and fulfilling is learning how to discover our true and authentic selves as we grow and expand ourselves through the adversity and challenges.

I'm going to use this series to share more of my real journey with the intent of encouraging you as a woman to embrace the Grit and Grace attributes in your own life. I believe attributes from both aspects are needed to be the creator and pioneer of our own life - so that we may attain more meaningful experiences in this life.