To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

This is the question I have been asking myself for some time now. The thing is, I could write until the cows come home...(and some of them may never return..) but, the question I have posed to myself countless times is... is anyone going to read it and find value in it?!?!

Our daughter Meg's signs for our missing cows that we lost in flood waters

I LOVE to write. Putting pen to paper or fingers to key board has injected magic into my life and helped my desire and imagination take form so many times. I believe there is so much power in the written word, the energy created takes on a life of its own in some ways. I have written a few eBooks, I love writing letters and I love journalling, so blogging feels like another part of the natural sequence in sharing

what inspires me, what I am learning, how I am growing, and what self-empowerment or self-leadership tools I am using with success to overcome those times in life that feels somewhat like when your gumboot is stuck in heavy clay mud - you know those times - it takes all of the strength to pull your boot out as the wet mud sucks it firmly down, and even as you try with all of your might to take back possession of your own gumboot to keep moving forward, you end up losing balance and falling bum or head first into the mud itself!! Yasssssss! Those lovely times!!

We all have them, and we all deal with challenging times differently. I have spent my life thus far learning how to move forward with "Grit and Grace", learning "how to be a leader of my own life" while navigating the pathways this grand ol' life.

I am a Trailblazer. I understand that I am the Creator of my life - AND you are too, even if you don't know it yet! It's taken some loaded lessons to arrive at this point where I can be proud of blazing my trail, showing up as my authentic self, and to declare that with conviction. It's been a process, and at times it's been very uncomfortable... but as we now know, we can't stretch and grow into new dimensions and possibilities without the uncomfortable!

We need the contrast in life, the negative and the positive, to help us decipher what we want more or less of in life! This is important, because as Trailblazing women, it's time for us to start honing in on what brings our life meaning, what brings us joy. It's time for us to get clear about what we want to HAVE, who we want to BE, or what we want to DO in our life!

I'm going to use this blog to share about the process of becoming a leader of your own life. The empowerment, the self-leadership, how to strengthen the attributes needed to lead change in your life, so that you don't need to continually look externally for guidance - because whether you know it or not, you already have everything you need inside of you to shift your life from where it is now, to where you really want it to be.

Under Trailblazer 'Tales and Lead with Grit 'n' Grace I will be sharing practical accounts of how to simply enjoy life more through uncovering and strengthening the connection to your authentic self; growing your self-leadership skills; as well as strengthening your ability to find your own answers and create more meaning in your life. I'll delve into what some of these new trendy topics are really all about and why they're important when it comes to being a leader of your own life:

Some of those have been well over used and even abused! But despite that, we still can't escape the fact that these core attributes and levels of awareness are necessary to live an empowered and aligned life.

I am going to share what I have learnt about attracting things to our lives. Yes, the good, the bad and the ugly! I am a Law of Attraction practitioner and while I love to take the energetic work further myself, I very much appreciate that many people just want less "woo woo" and more practicality when it comes to creating change in their lives. If that's you, you're all good, I've got you! If you love the "woo woo"... I'll have that covered too :)

With everything I would like to share with you - no doubt you'll take some and leave some. I look forward to sharing the different facets of evolving and empowering ourselves and our lives.

Grit 'n' Grace denotes us connecting to our own power and beauty, the yin and yang, the dreaming and daring, the creativity and courage that tip between the masculine and feminine energies - so it's about striking that balance of soft and vulnerable feminine energy with hard core tenacity, resilience and action-taking so that we can attain our desires and fulfil our dreams.

There are so many "pieces" to living a life that is purposeful and meaningful... it's about taking the things that resonate with you on a soul level and using them in your life. It's about recognising what strikes your essence and ignites a spark in you when you connect with words, concepts, ideas, information, experiences or people - then bringing those things into some sort of "form" or turning them into some sort of framework for you to incorporate them into your life. One of my personal drivers to keep developing myself is being mamma to two girls. It is my absolute desire to teach them by doing. I didn't want to sit there and tell them that they can do what they want in life or be who ever they want to be, while I lived in the cycle of a monotonous and meaningless routine. I want to inspire them through living my life aligned with my values and purpose, with grit and grace.

Some exciting #news! I have collaborated with two other women to take workshops and retreats to the next level! It took me years to find women to collaborate with and for the timing to be right. Ironically since we made the commitment to working with each other, Glen and I made new plans to a move interstate - I am leaving our physical rural women's circle (we all live within 150km of each other) in QLD and relocating to the Adelaide Hills - however once we problem solved the "logistics", we now see this as a huge strength in that we will be able to run our life skills and empowerment workshops and retreats in 2 different states, making it easier for people to come and be a part of the magic!

These women have bought a whole new level of friendship and a real sense of a circle or tribe to my own life. We compliment each other so well when we come together and they embody the trailblazer way of living their own lives, they are dynamic and adaptable women from cattle properties, so I can't wait for you to have the opportunity to meet them!

If any of the words you have read on this page have stirred something deep within you at a soul level, there's no mistaking it, you are ready to move forward on your journey of self-discovery. You are ready to, or already expanding yourself, and you are yearning to learn, grow, and live to the fullest. You have within yourself, an inner compass. Once you become aware of it and you increase your understanding of how it works, you actually become attuned to finding the answers you need within yourself, so you don't have to find the answers externally. Isn't that refreshing! Imagine knowing that you have what you need already, and that you CAN actually lead change in your own life, and you don't need anything other than what you have RIGHT NOW, to shift toward a more meaningful life.

To lead change with "Grit n Grace" in the areas of your life that you are desiring, whether that be in your work life, your relationships (friends or partner), your health or whether you are just open and ready to invite more self-awareness into your life and to explore more of your own potential... is a transformational journey that I invite you to join us on.

I realise at this point that I have shared nothing about who I am. My name is Jess Keenan, I am the visionary at the Rural Women's Circle, I am a mum to two beautiful girls (Meg and Bonnie), and wife to an ol' cowboy Glen,"Crackers"... and what I am, is a person with a huge level of desire to live a life aligned with my values, one that is full of meaning and one where I don't take any of my dreams to the grave.

Often with blogs and the like there is an hidden agenda to build relationships to draw people into their network marketing or direct sales businesses. I just want to be open and clear that I am not in direct sales, you won't be invited to webinars to be recruited into a home business and I won't be "selling you my oils" :) . I have built a traditional business, my soul business called "Leading Change Experiences", where Horses do the teaching. I facilitate life skills development workshops and programs. I will share my own experience of network marketing in another 'tale some time as I know so many women are turning to deriving an income from home using the industry as their platform - my time in the industry ended years ago. I did learn a lot and I am grateful for the skills I learnt which helped me propel my vision forward ~ but I have long since hung that hat up. So no fear, you are safe to connect! :) I'd love to share what I have learned on my own personal journey with you. I have spent a lot of money over the last 20 years on courses, certifications and workshops etc in the realms of personal development, healing/health and entrepreneurship, so I have a lot of gold nuggets to pass forward. Hopefully one you'd love to come and do a workshop or a retreat in person with us and engage in our circle or tribe, allow us to be a part of yours, while we all work on building life-rich connections.

I will introduce myself and share my personal story in the next of the Trailblazer 'Tales so that you can connect with who I am and what I am about if this 'tale struck a cord with you.



Myself and Meg, south central QLD

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