The Rural Women's Circle

Hello and a big warm welcome to you! We would love to take a moment to introduce ourselves. Our names are Kathleen Baker, Jess Keenan and Sigrid Peters. We are 3 friends who have collaborated and formed a circle of trust, acceptance, respect and honour. We hold the safe and non-judgemental space for each other when needed, and this has been so successful in heightening our individual growth and expansion, but also this circle has helped stabilise our individual selves through some pretty life-altering challenges. We want want to share our journey with other rural women, with the intention of progressing our online connections to in-person rural women's gatherings.


Connection; reaching our individual potential; living meaningful lives; and having the courage to show up in life with Authenticity, is what we are all about. We are women who met out bush and who were drawn together by our inter-laced passions including human development, well being, cattle, health, agriculture, mindset mastery, how to create a meaningful live and live our soul callings while living with the challenges that isolation can bring.. and Horses. 

We each have our own strengths AND we have areas of our lives we are consciously growing; we have our own offerings; challenges; celebrations; and passionate pursuits.... but our collective desire is to see each other flourish and live our best lives. We invite you to join our journey and connect with us in the hopes that you are inspired to join our circle, but to also encourage and guide you to build a powerful and nurturing circle of women friends, closer to home. Women need women. 

We are mothers to beautiful kids ranging in ages from 2 - 14 years old. Raising kids with growth mindsets, resilience and developing self- leadership skills is paramount to us. We are excited to be offering empowerment, leadership and life-skills programs and workshops for tweens and teens in both QLD and South Australia! 

Sig and Kathleen reside in the Wide Bay/Burnett area in QLD and Jess is on the Fleurieu Peninsula in SA. We will be mostly connecting through our page on FB - click on the link to go straight to our page @theruralwomenscircle

Our big news is that we'll be launching a group on Facebook in the new year.. and no, not just another FB group full of marketing or hidden agendas etc. We are going to be sharing the REAL #gritngrace. The real shiz. We want to grow our circle and will be opening it up to you. We are all inspired by authentic connections and we are an eclectic threesome, all so different but all all connected by our core values and interests.  


The group will come, but first...! We are off to Canada as a trio in June - hell yes, in only 3 months The Rural Women's Circle AUSTRALIA will be heading to the hub of Calgary and getting up to all sorts of adventures - not the Stampede this time round! We invite you to follow our #ruralwomenstrip, we'll be announcing the reason for our o/s jaunt on the page soon!

Jess, Sig and Kathleen 





Jess is mother to two beautiful girls, Meg and Bonnie. She owns Leading Change Experiences, a learning centre where she facilitates leadership, empowerment and life skills programs with 'horses as the teachers', near the edge of the Adelaide Hills. In Jess's younger years she studied Agriculture at Roseworthy and went on to be an exchange student on a beef ranch in Canada before working as an agronomist for two corporate agribusiness companies. Jess studied horsemanship from 14 years of age and her first mentor, Wayne Banney, was instrumental to her discovery of the connection between horses and personal development. She in travelled to the USA through her 20's and worked with horsemen there, while gaining her accreditation in Equine Massage and Reiki, before furthering her studies in Equine Bowen Therapy back here in Australia. Her husband Glen used to rodeo and they adopted a gypsy lifestyle for many years, working and travelling between Vic, Tas, SA and the NT, before settling more longer term in QLD. Jess's business and being closer to family as they raise their girls bought them back to SA more recently. 

Jess is author of "Think Your Way To Freedom" which was written to compliment her love of 'conscious creation' when it comes to living a meaningful life. She is passionate about horses, entrepreneurship, holistic health, energetic modalities, personal development, women's and teens self-leadership and regenerative agriculture. 



Sig is a personal trainer and nutrition coach in between teaching her two boys at home via distance education, while cramming in the daily responsibilities of helping her husband run their large beef property near Gin Gin, QLD!

Sig is a qualified Bowen Therapist for people, small animals and horses. 

Sigrid has a huge passion for all things personal development and human potential, weaving her skills into locally run workshops, online courses, one on one coaching and every day life! Sig's teachings encompass healthy habits, horses and happiness, and how to cultivate living your most radiant self. She loves to facilitate authentic connections among women.  



Kathleen Baker of Bakersfield Horsemanship has experienced a lifetime with horses in both the conventional sense to the more mindful and natural practices of horsemanship.

Raised using horses as a tool for mustering and sale yard work, Kathleen grew up with a giddy obsession and passion for horses but was conditioned with the “old school” philosophy that horses must be dominated. This mentality was strong throughout her years competing in every horse sport she could, from eventing to bronc riding.

Kathleen worked in the racing industry for many years as a track work rider training two year olds on the track, and progressed to riding Group One winners for the likes of Gai Waterhouse.

She went on to managing a breaking and pre-training facility starting over 30 colts a year.

In 2006 Kathleen started the life changing journey of a more mindful approach to horsemanship and made it a priority to understand equine psychologically and horse's fundamental needs. This is where Kathleen's personal growth began, as well as where the mindful, respectful connections with horses was formed.

Kathleen and her husband Greg now run a facility starting, training and specialising in problem solving for “troubled” horses on their beef property near Gin Gin, QLD.