Horses teach us a lot. Very little of it actually has to do with horses. 

                                                                   - A. Lothian

Jess Keenan | Leading change experiences

Jess Keenan

Jess Keenan guides the experience of unforgettable life lessons where the horses are the teachers. She facilitates powerful and innovative programs with horses that allow women, teens, professionals and families to experience a heightened sense of self-awareness and self-empowerment, that also provide real-world working skills and offer techniques to bring out strong natural leadership skills in each individual, so that they can step forward in their life and confidently lead change with a level of influence.


As a child Jess had a "giddy obsession" with horses but didn’t have the opportunity to own her own until she was 13 years old. She attended her first horsemanship clinic at the age of 14 and was mentored by horseman, Wayne Banney.

Wayne taught Jess that horsemanship was more about developing ourselves as humans, so that we are in a position to partner with the horse through mutual trust, respect and understanding, rather than training a horse through force.


By the age of 18, Jess knew that her purpose was to be a part of the movement of people developing themselves both personally and professionally through working with horses. Jess continued on a journey of self-discovery with her horses through her 20’s, teaching some confidence building clinics in Tasmania and enjoying the continual journey of growth and development through working with different horses. While she has taken time out of riding to start a family and focus on other businesses, horses have always been in paddocks close to the house and a part of her and her husband’s life.


In 2016 Jess decided it was the right time to finally focus on stepping into the role of facilitating life skills and leadership development programs through working with horses. She became accredited though Equine Connection as an Equine Assisted Learning facilitator and feels very grateful to be able to share this special experience with everyone who wishes to come and be a part of learning from the horse, and who is ready to take that leap and lead change in their own lives. Jess is evolving Leading Change Experiences's offerings. 

Aside from offering her core programs and workshops, Jess is developing specialised workshops to provide an opportunity for people in certain situations to over come the challenges they are facing in life. One of Jess's personal values is to support the development of emotional resilience, growth mindset, and social skills for 10-18 year olds.  The new one-day workshops will include:

  • "Thrive Through Transition" for children experiencing their parents going through separation or divorce.

  • "Be Brave and Mindfulness Matters" workshops for teens experiencing anxiety.

  • "Disconnect to Reconnect" workshops to un-plug kids from technology and social media and re-connect their awareness back to themselves as well as enhancing their social skills through working with the horses in a natural setting. Outside of the arena the activity focus is to promote shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset; freer thinking; and growing their overall awareness within nature.

Jess's location is accessible to many people, but with a love for regional areas and for people living in rural or remote locations, she aims to eventually take her programs on the road to meet with more women who are dealing with grief and adversity with 2 workshops called:

  • "Grow Through Grief" 

  • "Lead Your Life Through Adversity"


Jess is in the process of creating material and workbooks for these workshops, so stay tuned! 


Around home, Jess is a mother to two beautiful girls, Meg and Bonnie. Aside from horses, her other passions include mindset mastery, holistic healing, energetic modalities, entrepreneurship & regenerative agriculture principles. She is a Law Of Attraction practitioner and has studied an eclectic range of healing techniques. She loves hosting gatherings of women while creating the space for her Vision Board workshops .

She runs her business around a very busy 2 year old and school runs.
Jess is a true “Trailblazer” when it comes to living authentically and consciously creating/pioneering a life led by purposeful experiences. She feels it's very important to keep developing and evolving herself to be the greatest version of who she
is, so that her daughters grow with a sense of confidence, emotional resilience, independence, self-empowerment and authenticity.
She is the visionary at the Rural Women's Circle on Facebook and the author of her eBook “Think Your Way To Freedom”. 

She would love to introduce you to the other invaluable members of her family and who are the amazingly honest and insightful Teachers at Leading Change Experiences;

Horse Esky


Meet "Esky". Esky is the wise guide, who leads the herd. When you're in his presence you feel like you are being guided by an old soul. We don't know his age exactly, but he's around 14 years old. Esky has been a mustering horse and is gentle, yet stubborn at times, and given his position in the herd, he keeps us accountable as a leader worth following. He loves his food and has a lot to teach us.

Esky’s message is Self-Leadership and Communication

Horse Hippy


Hippy is a 12 year old gelding. We bought Hippy in Darwin and as a one year old, he was so weak and unhealthy leaning against a shed wall with a stomach full of sand. He nearly didn’t make it through. We spent the time getting him well, and we went on to eventually start Hippy under saddle. Over the years he has moved interstate 6 times with us and we have been on many adventures together. Hippy never short changes us when it comes to testing where we are at in our own head and heart space when working with him. He has been one of my best teachers and keeps us accountable as to how well we control our emotions and how balanced we are internally.


Hippy’s message is Accountability and Authenticity

Horse Toby


Toby is a gelding who wants to be around people but is not willing to fully engage with someone until he feels safe in their presence. He's matey with the other horses and is quite a sensitive horse. He is inquisitive and a very athletic Australian Stock Horse. He's a bit of a special horse, he will only trust the person that he feels will confidently lead him to safety.

Toby’s message is Trust and Confidence

Horse Roy


We welcome our newest team member to the herd, “Roy”. Roy is an 8 year old gelding who has done a lot of mustering and worked in a feedlot. He is Jess’s new riding horse and took to being a teacher in the programs like a duck does to water. Roy's specialness lies in providing a safe and calming energy that is felt as soon as you are near Roy. He is a bit lazy by nature, so does require some solid leadership skills, other wise he's inclined to just hang back and have a snooze! He does an amazing job at validating people at their core, at their authentic level. Don't be fooled though, while he is quiet, he will still demand that we "show up" as our true authentic selves when working with Roy.

Roy’s message is to Stay Grounded and to Do The Work To Discover Who You Really Are