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Trailblazer On Fire

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2023  Workshops

Next workshop @ Strathalbyn
 Saturday 1st April

as part of the Wellness Wander Weekend!
$347 (Payment Plans available)

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The Unique Women’s Development Day

Trailblaz-her (noun); 

​~ She has presence, authenticity and the determination to bring new visions to life that are of value to herself and others.
~ She moves forward with her values and intentions aligned, guided by a clear vision and plan of action. 

~ She learns how to move through big life transitions being equipped with wisdom, tools and an empowered philosophy
~ She honours herself while being able to work in harmony with others 
~ She is self-directed and lives intentionally

Trailblazing is a woman’s personal-leadership path and it gives her the power to take courageous leaps as she travels new ground. 

She expresses her own individuality. She moves forward while leading positive change and leaves footprints of inspiration. She looks for opportunities to grow and expand her thinking. She embraces learning, growing and living to the fullest. 

At the Trailblazer On Fire Workshop you will learn the Trailblazing secrets to confidently lead yourself into ‘What’s Next’ in your life. Discover the skills you’ll need whether you are going through a big life transition; starting a business; on a career path with an organisation; searching for what brings your life more meaning; or wanting to expand your personal leadership and life skills, so that you can lead your own life with confidence, courage and clarity! All the while, starting to consider life from a philosophical standpoint so that you can view life's challenges in an empowered way.

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The unique Trailblazer on Fire workshop is for you if you are ready to:

This workshop is for you if you:


  • Feel like you have lost yourself (your self identity) or you feel lost on your pathway and you want to rebuild a relationship with yourself

  • You are wanting to improve your communication so that you can feel seen, heard and improve your relationships with others

  • You feel emotionally fatigued so you want to work on emotional fitness

  • You want to build your confidence in some areas of your life

  • You are wanting to expand your self leadership skills on a personal or professional level

  • You feel there is more for you in this life, but you're lacking clarity on what that is, or how to achieve it

  • You feel it's time to put "you" first so that you have the energy to support others

  • Or you are interested in deepening your self awareness on your personal development journey


Any one of these reasons is a reason to come along and experience how the horses and their wisdom can assist you in developing your courage, clarity and confidence - even through uncertainty.


Please note, no previous horse experience is necessary and no riding is involved. Participants work with the horses through objective-based exercises from the ground.

Trailblazer on Fire is changing the face of Self Leadership Workshops for Women. There is a new style of women’s leadership in the world today. We call it Trailblazing. Trailblazing is a woman’s leadership path and it gives her the skills and the power to take confident steps forward as she travels new ground.


This unique program helps you develop, build and strengthen their life skills in the areas of communication, confidence, competency, creativity, courage and collaboration with others… and you get to enjoy immersing yourself in the experiential learning space with the horses as your teachers - who deliver real and lasting results.


We focus on positive communication, problem-solving and other important interpersonal skills to find creative alternatives to negative influences or behaviours on the way to positive change. This is your own journey, step outside the box, take a leap of faith and take away all you can from this experience.

“This one day workshop will help you take your leadership skills into a new arena. Learn the trailblazing skills and attitudes all women benefit from when it comes to you leading positive and meaningful change in your life. Our teachers – the beautiful, wise horses – will help you get there. Trailblazer on Fire is designed for optimal learning in a hands-on environment where constant teachable moments are facilitated one-on-one to instill and ensure women participants move forward with the powerful skills they need to lead dynamic lives. Come on your own or get your co-workers or friends together to join us in this fun and spirited workshop!” ~ Jess Keenan

If you would like to join this fun, holistic and spirited workshop, please
pre-register as places are limited and will be first in best dressed.

Contact Jess for more info

Step into the adventure you were made for!

Learn the six most dynamic skills
all women need. 


Trailbazer On Fire Workshop

What will I learn from this day? 
This workshop is absolutely jam-packed with value - there is SO much that you will get to experience in this one day workshop! Some of it including - you will learn how to:

  • Start or deepen your self discovery journey.
    An introduction to Self Identity & Life Stages.

  • Take risks with courage & confidence and expand your comfort zone.

  • Improve your communication skills and techniques for all relationships (personal or work).

  • Discover your authentic self leadership attributes.

  • Connect with the importance of making choices aligned with your values and what is meaningful to you.

  • Collaborate in a way that builds a cohesive team.

  • Walk away feeling empowered and confident to blaze your trail!


Firstly, you do not need any prior experience with horses to attend and there is no riding involved, you will partner with the horses for the program on the ground. These are not horsemanship lessons. We use specialised innovative horse programs within your retreat experience because they are amazing teachers, and the programs are backed by years of University studies. Horses bring out your interpersonal dynamics and quickly reveal your hidden talents. They look for strong leadership and are willing to follow, but only after they find respect and trust. Working with horses in leadership skill development, you learn how to take empowered action, try new behaviours and connect with your passionate self. The changes you experience are immediate … as horses live ‘in-the-moment’. You can’t fool them, and they don't lie! 

Why Horses?
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