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What We Do -
Social Emotional Intelligence Leadership

What exactly is Equine Facilitated Learning?

Jess is highly skilled in delivering equine-led leadership programs, facilitation, coaching, and mentoring. With her versatile skill set, she is capable of assisting both individuals and teams. By leveraging the presence of horses as a powerful medium, Jess enables people to cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness and an understanding of human behaviour - a crucial foundation for all leadership development. This unique approach offers an unparalleled experience that surpasses what can be provided by a human trainer alone. 

Jess specialises in Social Emotional Intelligence Leadership. 

Leadership with Horses represents an equine-centered leadership development initiative that connects individuals and teams with horses. The purpose is to develop the deep awareness of human behaviour and practical skills that fundamentally enhance their aptitude for effective collaboration and leadership. These programs are firmly rooted in the principles and proficiencies of social intelligence (SI) and emotional intelligence (EQ), which stand as the bedrock of successful teamwork and leadership.

The most effective way for leaders to enhance their social emotional intelligence is through real-time learning and application.

Research has shown the inadequacy of conventional training methods in cultivating social emotional intelligence. This is precisely why engaging with horses in experiential settings can ensure the grasp of social emotional intelligence leadership concepts and enable actionable outcomes that far outperform any classroom-based session.


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) or Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a learner based educational experience with horses. More specifically, EAL is an effective approach to people development that encourages individual and team growth. Participants engage in objectively driven exercises and find themselves learning valuable life and leadership skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working with horses.
Equine Assisted Learning has proven to be effective, powerful, positive, educational, kinesthetic and creative. As aptly quoted by Albert Einstein;


"Learning is experience , everything else is just information"

Backed By Research :

Our equine led learning program emphasises it’s building-block curriculum of facilitating life skills through positively reinforced interaction with horses. Exercises are developed to encourage self awareness, interpersonal skills, leadership and self-confidence through validated, hands-on experiences.


Current research has found this experiential (hands on) form of learning to be most effective.


Our programs are designed by the world-renowned BuildingBlock TM curriculum, which is a process where each program has an objective yet all objectives are built into each program. We work with one solid objective at a time and keep building on these skills each week, hence the building block curriculum.

Building skills for life in an engaging environment that enhances the love and retention of learning!

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When working with the horses, participants develop relationship skills, effective communication and dives deep into developing personal leadership competencies. As participants build their skills and knowledge through the programs with the horses, the same attributes and competencies are able to be paralleled directly out of the arena to further the development and improvement of their personal lives and professional roles.

With Jess's training in Extended DISC, she has access to the powerful behavioural instrument that can assist individuals in understanding their inner behavioural blueprint as well as their external behavioural expression. The behavioural profiling looks deeply at both conscious and unconscious behaviours and compliments the authentic teachings from the horses. 

Jess is a trained Emotional Fitness Practitioner who specialises in delivering emotional intelligence training to individuals and groups. Her expertise lies in empowering individuals to strengthen their emotional fitness and well-being. Jess offers these perspective-changing sessions in a workshop format, catering to teams, whether as part of the horse workshops or independently, without the involvement of horses.

In her private coaching sessions, Jess seamlessly integrates the core principles of Emotional Fitness to provide personalized guidance and support to individuals. Through this one-on-one approach, she assists clients in developing confidence, clarity, emotional resilience, self-awareness, and the necessary skills to navigate their life's challenges mentally and emotionally equipped. Read more about Jess's private coaching here.

Emotional Fitness Pillars For Individuals & Teams

Self identity

Life stages


Emotional flexibility / emotional range

Power of perspective

Focus points for positive change

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