The Unique Women's Weekend to Self Discovery

We have 2 amazing weekends on offer to you!

Authentic you Retreat

At the Authentic You Retreat you will be guided toward identifying what it means to be the authentic version of yourself, and uncover what that looks like to you. You get to experience four very special programs where the horses are your teachers, all sessions on the arena are designed around;

  • Building a relationship within 

  • Balance, boundaries and communication

  • A “who are you?” self reflection piece and

  • Your symbols of strength ~ finding your personal power.

Immerse yourself over 2 incredible days to


As women, we spend money trying to fix the outside of our bodies, and we neglect to spend the time to focus on what’s going on inside of ourselves - and often we don’t know how to create the shifts within. When we unlock the authentic part of ourselves, we glow, we are beautiful, we are strong, we are courageous and we know exactly who we are and where we are going.


Your life can be what you want and need it to be. .  #BeYou

As women, some of us are constantly in fear of being judged. Horses are incapable of judgment. What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgment does not exist, and we can just be ourselves! They don’t care about our clothes, our weight, our spiritual or political beliefs, or where we’ve come from. They just care about helping you to be the best version of YOU that you can be. You are unique! 


The Authentic You Retreat is for you if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and if you feel like you have swept your dreams under a blanket over the past few years. This is the retreat where you learn how to dare to dream again.


“I feel very strongly that women need to arm themselves with the tools to effectively strike the balance of nurturing their softer, feminine energy, while still being able to harness the real "grit" when it counts. Building resilience should be a priority as a woman.


Women have the inner compass that helps guide and direct them toward living a life that they dare to dream. However, with hectic schedules, a lack of inner confidence, huge workloads, putting family members first, a lack of clarity and direction, many women feel like their desires are no longer worthy, and feel very 'stuck' in their current situation. Our retreats will give you the foundation and tools you need, to really become "unstuck" and re-set your inner compass! You'll gain the focus, confidence,
clarity and plan to really shift your life from where it is now, to where you really want to be."  
- Jess Keenan



At the Trailblazer On Fire 2-Day Workshop you will learn the Trailblazing secrets to confidently lead yourself into ‘What’s Next’ in your life. Hone the skills you’ll need whether you are starting a business, on a career path with an organisation, looking for a passionate pursuit, or wanting to expand your leadership skills.

The Trailblazer On Fire is amazing value as a 2 in 1 workshop weekend!

Day 1 is the popular Trailblazer on Fire workshop focussing on the 6 core attributes and most dynamic skills needed to build and enhance your level of Leadership in your personal or professional life.


Trailblazer is changing the face of Leadership workshops for women, giving her the skills and the power to take courageous leaps as she travels new ground.

This unique program helps women develop life skills necessary to lead their life in confidence. We focus on positive communication, problem solving and conflict resolution, and to find creative alternatives to negative influences or behaviours on the way to positive change. This is your own journey, step outside the box, take a leap of faith and take away all you can from this experience.

Day 2 is a full day of immersion dedicated to creating the life you desire with the Lead Change & Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop. Day 2 steps you beautifully into the next phase of Self-Leadership - into the Creation phase. On Day 2 we implement techniques to assist you in living more consciously. You get to get really clear on what is meaningful to you, your passion and purpose. Learn about “grounding” yourself and using Law of Attraction principles in your everyday life. Enjoy the space with non-judgemental, like-minded women and take home your own Vision Board so that you can effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes in the months ahead.

This Trailblazer On Fire Retreat is for you if you are ready to hone in on your Self-Leadership skills, and make some solid traction in pioneering your next steps forward. This is the retreat if you are ready to “Be Gutsy and Be Great” and take some bold leaps forward toward consciously creating the outcomes you want.

Why Do You Use Horses As Part Of The Retreats/Workshops?

Horses are what genuinely make our retreats unique! Firstly, you do not need any prior experience with horses to attend and there is no riding involved, you will partner with the horses for the programs on the ground. These are not horsemanship lessons. We use specialised innovative horse programs within your retreat experience because they are amazing teachers, and the programs are backed by years of University studies. Horses bring out your interpersonal dynamics and quickly reveal your hidden talents. They look for strong leadership and are willing to follow, but only after they find respect and trust. Working with horses in leadership skill development, you learn how to take empowered action, try new behaviours and connect with your passionate self. The changes you experience are immediate … as horses live ‘in-the-moment’. You can’t fool them, and they don't lie!

On top of the amazing workshops within the retreat weekend, we also include the whole experience of “unplugging” from technology and re-connecting back to nature. Weather permitting, you'll get to sit around our bon fine with other amazing women, enjoying a wine and some good old country cooking - you may be lucky to strike Glen's camp oven dinner!

These weekends are not your Spa Retreat-style! It's homely, country, there is horse dust, and the "glamping" experience is basic but wholesome! While we do have phone service here for touching base with home, we encourage you to immerse yourself in our natural surroundings for 2 days. We have little rainforest tracks, or you can hang out in the paddock with our horses. We treat you to a essential oil foot soak and the space and energy to reconnect to your deepest self. 

Please contact Jess for the next retreat date. We do cater to private groups of women, so if you've been thinking of the perfect get-away with your girlfriends combined with a purposeful experience, come and have a weekend of unforgettable learning and soul-sista connecting! We believe in keeping the Retreats affordable so that as many women as possible, have the chance to empower their lives through teachings from the Horse.


She is free
She Is Courageous
She is gutsy
She looks within