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Emerging Rural Leaders

Building Tomorrow's  Leaders, Today

"The L2L program is designed with a clear mission: to empower emerging leaders with the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours required to navigate any situation with calm, confidence and clean perspective, in both their personal and professional realms".

The Learn To Lead (L2L) Program is a two-day deep dive into emotionally-fit leadership development designed for the next generation of rural leaders.

The program includes an introduction to several critical leadership principles from the Emotional Fitness framework. These principles can aid individuals in developing self-awareness and relationship management skills, as well as transforming their relationship with change and uncertainty in their workplace or community. By incorporating these principles, individuals can better navigate challenges and obstacles while also building stronger relationships with themselves and team members and be able to more easily communicate with management. Additionally, these principles can be applied not just in the workplace, but in all aspects of life. This program offers an ideal opportunity for community members, organisations, and agri-businesses to foster the growth of emerging leaders, nurturing their individual leadership abilities.

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What's Included

What you'll take away from your 2 Days with us at Xmas Rocks



Participants will undergo eDisc behavioral profiling assessments to gain insights into their individual behavioral styles. This is not a standard personality profile. They will receive personalized reports highlighting their natural v's adapted strengths, communication preferences, and areas for growth. "When you have behavioural flexibility you can make the most out of every situation and every challenge"


Communication Styles

Explore different communication styles and their impact on leadership effectiveness. Learn strategies for adapting your communication to connect more effectively with team members, community members, colleagues, and professionals.


Equine Assisted Leadership Development

Participants will engage in hands-on activities with horses that emphasise leadership principles and behaviours. We include soft skill development, non-verbal communication, the importance of clarity in confident leadership & the impact of EQ & relational skills in leadership.


Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI)

SEI is a central theme throughout the program. Individuals learn about the importance of emotional fitness in leadership and engage in activities to enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, emotional flexibility, the power of perspective, empathy and understanding, and interpersonal relationships.


Team Dynamics and Collaboration

We delve into team dynamics and fostering a collaborative work environment. Participants will practice techniques for building cohesive teams, communicate constructively and how to actively participate in cultivating a culture built upon connection and trust.


Metaphorical Learning With Horses

Horses often serve as metaphors for leadership and team dynamics. Participants will have guided discussions and reflections on the parallels between their interactions with horses and their roles as leaders. They will explore how trust, communication, adaptability, and empathy are critical in both contexts, gaining deeper insights into effective leadership through these thought-provoking discussions.

Empower Tomorrow's Leaders, Today 


Who Is This For?

L2L is for any individual who is in the early stages of their leadership journey and is actively developing the skills, qualities, and attributes necessary to take on leadership roles in the future. 

Agri-businesses identify team members for the L2L program based on their potential for growth, proactive mindset, interpersonal skills, and adaptability. Businesses invest in their future leadership pipeline, fostering growth, productivity, an emotionally fit culture and a deeper sense of connection within the organisation.

We also engage in partnerships with external trainers and collaborate with community initiatives that offer leadership development programs. This collaborative approach allows us to broaden our impact and offer a wider range of resources and opportunities for leadership growth and development.

Why Choose Us?

Including these horse-assisted components in your leadership development program will offer participants a transformative and memorable experience. It allows them to connect theoretical knowledge about leadership with real-world, tangible experiences, reinforcing key concepts and providing a unique perspective on leadership development.


Specialised Facilitator:
Jess is a certified senior facilitator with 7 years experience and combines deep expertise in leadership development with a profound understanding of equine-assisted learning. She guide participants through a transformative journey with support and skill. 


Customised to Your Needs:
We understand that every agri-business is unique and has employees that are at different stages on their leadership journey.
For business and community programs, we offer programs that can be customised to meet your specific goals and requirements.


Memorable Experiences:
Incorporating equine-assisted activities guarantees that our program is not just informative but also implementable and unforgettable. Participants, both individuals and small teams, leave with profound insights and lasting memories that stay with them long after the program concludes. Moreover, Jess is available for follow-up training and coaching as needed to further support your journey.


Practical Application:
We bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our participants not only learn about leadership but also have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in real-life situations. Collaborating with horses introduces a large element of unpredictability, allowing individuals to put their skills and knowledge into action while confronting real-time challenges in unfamiliar situations.


Lasting Impact:
Our training fosters positive change. We cater to the different learning styles and is particularly impactful for kinesthetic learners. Participants emerge from our program not only as more effective leaders but also as individuals who are better equipped to navigate the uncertainties of today's world.


Choose us for a transformative, experiential, and impactful leadership development journey that will empower yourself or your emerging leaders to lead with calm confidence, authenticity and a broader perspective.

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Where Are We?

Leading Change Experiences is relocating to a purpose-built facility at Xmas Rocks Farm, Willalooka. 

The Xmas Rocks Training & Events Facility is in its construction phase and is shaping up to be a versatile facility that is conveniently accessible from the Riddoch Highway. Centrally located between the Upper SE, Lower SE, and the Western Districts of Victoria, this rural landscape along with all of the necessary amenities and features, offers a nature-based atmosphere that is an inspiring environment and learning space for cultivating meaningful leadership development. 

Accomodation is available at the Willalooka Tavern and is only a short 5 minute drive away. 


We warmly encourage you to get in touch with Jess to express your interest in our transformative Emerging Leaders program. Whether you're an aspiring leader in a rural community; an agri-business or company seeking to invest in your emerging talent or looking for skill develop new employees; a council or community member who partner in community initiatives; or simply curious about the training and development opportunities at Xmas Rocks, Jess would love to connect with you and provide you with more information about her work, the programs, collaborations or the customisable options to help meet your needs and objectives.

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