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Human-Centered Leadership Development

Building Emotionally Engaged
Employees & Leaders in the workplace

Let's Talk People

Many in business and organisations focus heavily on mastering technical skills and specialized knowledge. In today's rural environment, the true catalysts for success lies in the often-overlooked relationship skills, effective communication and soft skills, and emotionally engaged leadership, coupled with fostering a thriving and conscious team culture.

Welcome to our unique leadership development program with horses as your guides. Discover the transformative power of these vital interpersonal skills for professional success, personal growth, and the cultivation of an emotionally fit and cohesive team culture.

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Investing into your and your teams' emotional skills, soft skills and practical leadership competencies builds balanced humans who can bring the best of themselves forwards.
This is the foundation of leadership - being equipped mentally & emotionally to grow & lead  through uncertainty.

Emotional and relational intelligence serves as the bedrock for effective and emotionally fit and engaging leadership. Cultivating these essential skills enables individuals to navigate challenges and uncertainties with calm, confidence and flexibility. By honing their emotional and relational intelligence, individuals can better understand and manage their own emotions and those of others, fostering stronger relationships and effective communication. This ability to empathise, connect and adapt, equips individuals to lead with mindfulness, compassion and certainty, guiding their teams through challenges, uncertainty and change. This heightened mental and emotional acuity empowers individuals to make informed decisions, build strong relationships, and inspire and guide others through their leadership.

A leader with high strategic emotional intelligence can read the emotional climate of their team, identify what drives or hinders performance, and align this emotional understanding with the team’s goals and the broader organisational strategy.

What We Do

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Why Choose Experiential Training With Horses?

Experiential learning is any learning that supports participants in applying their knowledge and conceptual understanding to real-world problems or authentic situations where the teacher facilitates learning.


At Leading Change Experiences, every unique experiential training session ensures effective skill development that is fun and memorable, and will deliver the results you are looking for. Horses are particularly effective at delivering professional development through leadership training. They enable the unseen, to be seen, and help leaders identify their blind spots. Horses are a prey animal who learn to adapt so that they can survive in the herd.

They demand skills and attributes such as confident leadership, powerful decision making skills from moment to moment, trust, respect, support, and an acute awareness of what is going on around them within the herd and their broader environment. Following the example of herd dynamics, participants are taught to recognise the parallels between what the horse is feeding back to them, and how this relates to their personal and professional life. Read more about why we partner with horses here.

Why Invest Into Your Professional Development or Team?

A team development workshop is a powerful tool for enhancing collaboration, communication, and productivity within a team. Led by an experienced facilitator, these workshops typically involve a combination of interactive exercises, discussions, and skill-building activities aimed at improving team dynamics and enhancing individual and collective performance.

During a team development workshop, team members will have the opportunity to identify areas where improvement is needed, learn effective communication strategies, build trust and cohesion, and develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Through targeted exercises and simulations, team members will gain a deeper understanding of their individual strengths, growth areas and blind spots, as well as those of their colleagues, and learn how to leverage these differences to achieve common goals.

The benefits of a team development workshop can be significant and long-lasting. Teams that participate in these workshops often experience improved morale, higher levels of engagement and greater job satisfaction. They are also better equipped to handle conflict and overcome obstacles, which can lead to increased productivity and better business outcomes. Whether you're looking to build a new team from scratch or improve an existing one, a team development workshop can be an effective way to get everyone on the same page and working towards a common goal.

The success of your company is determined not only by its strategy but also by its culture. When your team faces pressure or uncertainty, their true cultural values are put to the test. Our "Leading Cultural Change" team building day aims to strengthen unity and synergy within your team while also promoting individual self-awareness.

Who We Work With

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Workplace Teams

Community Organisations

Family Business Teams

Sporting Clubs

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Community Groups


Family Business

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Jess collaborates with other team building facilitators, leadership trainers, coaches, consultants & retreat/workshop facilitators to open you up to the horse programs as part of your offer, so that your clients can participate in these unique experiential days!


Enhance communication and collaboration and enjoy a more motivated, engaged and cohesive team!

Team Development and Skills Development in the workplace significantly contributes towards building trust among the employees and motivating individuals to enhance their level of communication, creativity and motivation, thereby ensuring better productivity and ultimately attaining your team’s goals. The flow on effect from a team collaborating well and feeling valued as individuals, strengthens the overall team performance ultimately lifting your school or organisation’s results.

The "Team's Leading Change" workshop and "Transforming Teams" ascension programs have made this not only a possibility, but a viable and unique option as part of your team development training or team building experience.
The transferable skills and competencies help us interact, communicate, and collaborate with others effectively. Typical examples of interpersonal skills include communication, empathy, active listening, relationship building and emotional intelligence. 
Interpersonal skills permeate all areas of life and are equally important in both personal and professional interactions.

Our workshop develops the awareness of the following:

Herds to horses are just like teams to people..

Our interactive skill development program produces irrefutable results.
Team Development and authentic Leadership Training through our objectively driven programs have been developed to help you:

  • Achieve better workplace relations

  • Understand the benefits of effective communication

  • Clarify and develop the roles of each employee

  • Create an awareness of how each member of the team collaborates and cooperates

  • Increase engagement with their team members and tasks

  • Enhance creativity, innovation and lateral thinking

  • Achieve greater efficiency

  • Enhance their problem solving skills

  • Recognise the value of operating with integrity within the team

  • Gain greater respect for each other and your school or organisation and its direction

  • Successful combining of individual skills to successfully reach the team’s goals

Knowledge is memorised, experience is gained, but skills teach us to use the knowledge and experience! Through our interactive workshops and programs, we give your employees the skills they need to create a cohesive workplace and create a resourceful and understanding culture. Several studies have identified collaboration as the key factor that drives workplace performance.

By investing in your team and future leaders, your business, network or organisation has the potential to empower its own culture.

Three main attributes of a successful individual or leader in your team are
Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Skills and Authentic Leadership.

Client Feedback from Development At Work Australia

“Equine Assisted Learning has really helped me to see my strengths and develop awareness of how I come across”

“Equine Assisted Learning will help me because it focuses me on my body language and what signals I’m sending out”

“Equine Assisted Learning has really helped me to see how to better focus and set goals”

“It has made more aware of how I communicate with others”

“I felt confident and learnt trust”

“It reinforced the importance of focusing on the goal”

“I recommend the Equine Assisted Learning Day…it really helped me see the bigger picture”

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