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The Female Leaders Purposeful Pivot

Embark on a transformative journey
from Ambition to Meaning -
By merging the wisdom of horses with the
essence of female leadership!

Women Transitioning to Purpose Driven Lives

Feeling burnt out from the relentless pursuit of ambition? Asking yourself, "What's it all for?" You're not alone. Many ambitious or professional women reach a point where success doesn't feel like you were expecting, and the ladder of ambition leads no longer feels fulfilling.

Life's pivotal moments aren't just stumbling blocks; they're catalysts for transformation. That feeling of emptiness? It's not a dead-end—it's a signpost, pointing toward a more meaningful journey ahead.


While these moments of challenge may seem daunting, they carry the potential for tremendous personal growth and transformation.

Within each and every woman resides an inherent reservoir of leadership qualities that empower us to not only guide ourselves and our families but also to influence those within our communities and workplaces. But let's be real: the path to meaning is often paved with complexities—past hurts, present challenges, and internal barriers—that can make even the most confident among us question our worth. Questions like, "Am I enough?" or "What's this all for?" are universal speed bumps on the road to purpose.

Yet, by recognising and addressing these fears and re-connecting with our vulnerabilities and courage, we take the first step towards personal growth and emotional fitness. Through this process, we re-connect with our self identity and harness our innate leadership qualities to inspire positive change, not only within ourselves but also on our journey from goals to greater good.

Horses - they play a remarkable role in helping us reconnect with our authenticity; find powerful perspective; develop our practical skills and grow, along this journey.



No matter where you find yourself on this quest for meaning, we invite you to a transformative experience in the heart of our rural community. This program is more than a pitstop; it's a life-changing investment in yourself, geared towards women looking to transition from relentless ambition to a life imbued with greater meaning.

So, what's in it for you on this transformative trek? You'll forge a deeper connection with your authentic leadership style and your intuition. You'll tap into your potential in the most pragmatic ways. We'll dive into your strengths and areas for growth, sharpen those communication skills, hone your self awareness, and level up your decision-making prowess.


The golden thread? Emotional fitness — This is your emotional toolkit for navigating not just the peaks and valleys of life but also the intricate landscapes of your internal world. Emotional fitness is the armour and the compass for your fulfillment-focused journey.

Our retreats blend soulful enrichment with pragmatic insights, striking a harmonious balance between meaning and real-world application. Whether you're contemplating a career transition or life transition or simply seeking to reignite the passion in your current role, our programs offer a timely sanctuary for introspection and skill-building. We create a space for you to develop your self leadership, equipping you with the emotional and practical tools you'll need to make informed, fulfilling choices about your future. You'll find experienced guidance and a judgement-free zone for your self-growth journey. 


Come aboard this spirited and empowering journey, because success isn't just about what you do—it's about who you become along the way.

Experience the transformative journey of self-awareness and growth by collaborating with horses in our intimate and empowering SheLEADS retreat. Designed specifically for women, our retreat offers a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and embark on an incredible path of self-discovery.

Through the powerful presence and wisdom of horses, you explore your limiting beliefs, fears, and barriers to personal growth. The horses serve as gentle guides and catalysts for transformation, assisting you in uncovering your strengths, accessing your inner wisdom, and developing strategies for you to lead with intent.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that merges the wisdom of horses with the spirit of female leadership? Join us for an extraordinary retreat experience designed exclusively for women seeking to bring more meaning into their lives. Led by experienced facilitator Jess and guided by the intuitive nature of our equine partners, this workshop is a catalyst for growth, empowerment, and self-discovery.

Lead From Within

- Beyond Ambition. Join our empowering workshop to explore the 6 essential competencies for women's self leadership and beyond! Engage in transformative experiences with horses, gain profound insights, participate in a masterclass, complete practical exercises and utilise eDISC profiling to ignite a powerful inner transformation.


You'll find that investing in this journey is a game-changer, as you unearth new facets of your identity, explore different life stages, and navigate the transition from a life fueled by ambition to one filled with meaning.


Vision For Women

For you as a women to feel equipped on your journey from the ambition driven world to the meaning driven world. For you to bring your values into alignment with your life choices, relationships and your work.

For you to feel empowered to lead positive change in your life with confidence, assertiveness and clarity through developing and strengthening your knowledge, wisdom and connecting with the courage to take action.


For you to feel safe to discover your identity, your sense of worthiness and belonging.

For you to develop more insights into the dynamics of your relationships.

For you to build your relationship with uncertainty or stressors so that you can navigate challenges with calm confidence.

For professional women to develop your Authentic Leadership Style through working with the horses and understanding your natural behavioural blueprint vs external behavioural style.


I aim to raise the level of awareness surrounding how horses help women understand more about themselves in a non-threatening or non-judgemental way.

Join us on an empowering journey to unlock your courage, authenticity, and personal power, to become the intentional leader of your own life and success.


Jess and the Herd


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