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Women's Individual 


Hi, I'm Jess Keenan

My coaching mission is centered around empowering and equipping rural women as you navigate both predictable and unpredictable life and business transitions. Whether you're feeling stuck, facing uncertainty, dealing with change, or embarking on new beginnings, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

If you find yourself grappling with fears about the future; feeling stuck; directionless; that you've lost your voice; lacking inner confidence & belief in yourself or the process; feeling overwhelmed or burnt out or needing some help moving forward from your past - I am here to support you and guide you back to yourself and reconnect with your self identity and pathway. I am dedicated to providing you with the tools and guidance to foster a better relationship with stress, uncertainty, and change.

Witnessing your transformation into an intentional and self-assured leader of your own journey is truly a profound and honorable experience.

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My certifications include:

Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Coach
Neuro Transformation Therapy™ Practitioner
Timeline Transformation Therapy™ Practitioner
EDISC Behavioural Profiling
Equine-facilitated Personal and Professional Development
Emotional Fitness Formula Practitioner

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“Break Through To Be You” 
   Individualised Coaching

My signature ten to twelve week “Break Through To Be You” program dissolves the obstacles that are rooted deeply in your unconscious mind that are holding you back right now. You learn how to handle future challenges and uncertainty that is underpinned by you building your emotional fitness.  I will provide you with the support, tools and wisdom to rediscover your self identity - which is the most powerful force in the human condition. You’ll actualise taking your personal power back so that you can powerfully lead yourself forwards in your personal life situation, your relationships and in your work or business life.

I live to serve and love to coach and have successfully managed my own mental and emotional wellness through some significant life challenges. By prioritising growth and building a deeply committed relationship with myself, I discovered how to transform my inner pain and self doubt into profound inner peace and an unwavering self belief.

I live fiercely loyal to my values while growing my relationships and connections and now love to teach others how to do the same. I have implemented the inner transformative work in my own life, sharing my personal story with my clients in the same safe space that I hold for everyone I work with.

My knowledge and skills have been shared with those who are willing to step forward with courage, to lead positive change in their life. My trained skills allow me to work with women who have experienced significant emotional events or who live with non-clinical anxiety or depression. My coaching program is also relevant for women who want to improve their confidence and create their life direction.

Are you ready to move forward through your next transition that is ahead of you? Are you ready to move forward from adversity, loss of identity, fear, anger, significant emotional events, overthinking/emotional fatigue, unhealthy patterns and cycles, experiencing non-clinical anxiety, rejection, relationships and/or self sabotaging thoughts?

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I help you identify, remove or transform the key areas that are holding you back

  • Changes and life transitions

  • Anxiety

  • Lacking confidence or self worth

  • Past trauma

  • Burnt out and emotional fatigue

  • Relationship challenges

  • Fears - fear of the known or fear of the unknown

  • Damaging thinking cycles

  • Lost your voice and feeling unheard or unseen

  • Procrastination / feeling stuck

  • Lack of alignment with values

  • Overwhelm

  • Lack of life meaning/purpose

  • Fears or unknowns around growing your professional role

There are many factors that keeps someone sitting in the space of lacking direction, helplessness, guilt, fear, disempowerment, blame or resentment. Sometimes the transitions and changes are physical (career, relationships, children leaving home etc), other times it's a change in thoughts, feelings or realisations around life situations. 

This signature “Breakthrough to be you” dissolves your mental and emotional obstacles so that you can take your personal power back, and move yourself forwards as you build your confidence, self reputation and self agency.


By dissolving those unconscious fears and limits... by stepping forward with a strong self concept/identity, with courage, clarity and direction, you take the reins back so that you can lead your life through transitions and uncertainty with calm and confidence.

What you'll experience in your 10-12 week 
"Break Through To Be You"

  • Rediscover your identity (who am I, what’s important to me)

  • Take ownership of your emotions, thoughts and beliefs

  • A personalised EDISC behavioural profiling unpack to empower you as you understand yourself more deeply and clearly

  • Dissolve your limiting unconscious beliefs

  • Dissolve your mental barriers 

  • Heal from emotional events

  • Develop a healthy perspective 

  • Develop working with your intuition

  • Identify your intrinsic values and learn how to be loyal to them

  • Build a relationship with uncertainty and change

  • Create healthy boundaries

  • Step forward with confidence in your personal life or work role

  • Replace shame, judgement and guilt with calmness and empowerment

  • The fulfilment formula - create a life of meaning and fulfilment (if time allows)

It is my mission to work with women who are willing and ready for change.
I have a personal connection with women who are;



I help women horse riders and horse owners remove deep fears and self doubt so that you can move forward in your life and with your horse with heightened confidence, trust and purpose.

Professional Woman Portrait

Rural Women
Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

I work with ambitious women who are feeling burnt out, directionless or stressed -
to develop self leadership skills and the emotional fitness needed to help you grow your vision and mission.

I work with Equine Assisted Business Owners as part of their business start up to gain clarity, confidence and business direction. 

Why Coaching?

As Einstein quoted ”The problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”

You are your own most valuable resource and hiring myself as your personal mentor is not a
weakness, it’s the opposite! It’s the recognition that we have some blindspots
or places we get stuck, that is the same awareness needed for growth,
healing and expansion. Investing into yourself breathes worthiness into
yourself. Your proactive desire to improve things and create a change will be
a life changing process that I partner with you through while I hold space for
you with compassion, certainty and non-judgement.

The best thing is that things change for you the moment you participate in
these processes!


As I guide this process, I work closely with you to ensure that the
changes are lasting. I have personally participated in 20+ years of self
development and growth work. I have a huge amount of experience in
implementing knowledge, wisdom, techniques and strategies when it comes to
moving my own life forwards through adversity, challenges and pain. But nothing
has been as direct and solid as this breakthrough process. It’s the neuro-
transformation work that creates the lasting results.

I have personally experienced the power of Neuro Transformation Therapy™ which
is a set of tools and processes that works with the subconscious mind to change
our the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that hold so many of us back from
feeling the way we want and creating the life & experiences you genuinely
deserve. It’s life changing to know how powerful our unconscious mind is once we
deal with the root cause of where things come from.

I can say with full conviction and certainty that I have learned that we can
absolutely change any aspect of our life, regardless of our past or present. My
journey has been one which could have landed me in foetal position a number of
times. I feel nothing but love for the experiences that bought me the most
powerful life teachings. I have dissolved all of the low vibrational emotions, trauma
and limiting beliefs associated with significant emotional events before now.

After many events, living through the effects of bankruptcy, emotional blackmail,
suicide attempt situations - there have been some situations I have experienced
that stretched my mental and emotional health to the fullest extent. I know
that if I can move forwards and thrive in life, love, relationships and business while
raising confident and connected children.. that you can too. I am here to hold
space while you heal, energise, and share what is in your heart and head. I am
committed to help you grow from your struggles and discover:


who you want to be and;
where you wan
t to be

Did you know that many of us receive “secondary gains” for holding onto
undesirable stories and experiences. I will nurture you through this
realisation later with the greatest respect and sensitivity. For now, please know that
it’s not only possible, but it’s a certainty that you can dissolv
e the emotions and
core limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

YES it’s life changing. And yes it feels incredible to work with someone who deeply
cares about who you truly are and where you really want to be.

Let’s Connect.
Book a ‘Connection Session’ (no charge) with me so we can chat about your needs
and challenges and find where the gaps are for you, so that we ca
n ascertain if
Break Through To Be You is the right fit for you. I am here to listen and help.
Break Through To Be You - the most authentic, productive, confident and
courageous woman you were born to be!



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