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The Female Leaders Purposeful Pivot

Embark on a transformative journey
from Ambition to Meaning -
By merging the wisdom of horses with the
essence of female leadership!

Equipping & Empowering Women Leaders to Lead with
Consciousness, Compassion & Certainty


Take Your Leadership Into A New Arena

As a successful leader, you’ve navigated your career with dedication and resolve. Yet, you might feel an internal gap in your identity; yearning for greater meaning; deeper connections; and ultimate fulfillment. SheLEADS is designed for women like you, ready to elevate your leadership skills, strengthen your emotional fitness, and lead with genuine presence.

Re-discover You

In the hustle of the ambition-driven world, it’s easy to veer from living in alignment with what's most important to you. SheLEADS empowers you to reconnect with your intrinsic values, a sense of purpose and emotional depth. Strengthen your self-leadership, cultivate a healthier relationship with uncertainty, and confidently express yourself without the fear of judgement. Learn to harness social and emotional intelligence as a superpower to build genuine relationships at work and in life.

Guidance from Horses

Our equine partners step in as the powerful intuitive guides as part of this retreat. Through collaborating with the horses, you will reconnect with your authenticity, teach you to lead with vulnerability (which is different to being vulnerable), clarity, courage and confidence. The horses function as exceptional guides in fostering a complete sense of self-agency

"While uncertainty may seem daunting, it carries the potential for tremendous personal growth and transformation." - Jess



This retreat is for you if you are wanting;

To Create An Impact: Connect with more meaning. Gain clarity around your self identity and self concept, getting clearer on who you are and how to make a meaningful impact through your work, considering how you align your actions with your values.

Achieving sustainable fulfillment in just a few days might seem impossible. However, by diving deep into the Fulfillment Formula, you'll gain the tools and insights needed to create a new level of fulfillment.

Become more emotionally fit- it's more than resilience..
Resilience is about bouncing back, but emotional fitness is a holistic approach to managing stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Learn powerful frameworks to take control of your psychological thoughts and emotional well-being, enabling you to experience more of what you want at work.

Deepen your skills when it comes to leading others:
Effective leadership goes beyond self-leadership. Develop your emotional intelligence, adaptability and interpersonal skills. Learn to lead a psychologically safe team culture and guide others with confidence and empathy.


Our Unique Offering: 
sheLEADS blends practical skill development with philosophical insights and principles to elevate your leadership. Engage in transformative experiences with horses and deepen your understanding of yourself and others. This retreat offers a sanctuary for introspection and growth, combining soulful enrichment with practical strategies. Dive into your strengths and growth areas, reclaim power over your inner critic, and achieve a calmer, more collected mindset.
Experience professional facilitation and a judgment-free zone for your self-growth journey, empowering you to lead with confidence and emotional balance.


Come aboard this spirited and empowering journey. Success isn't just about what you do—it's about who you become along the way.

Lead From Within

- Beyond Ambition. Join our empowering leadership retreat to explore the 8 essential competencies for women's self leadership and beyond! Engage in transformative experiences with horses, gain profound insights, participate in emotional fitness masterclasses, understand how you can participate in building high-trust team culture, complete practical exercises and utilise eDISC profiling to ignite a powerful inner transformation.


You'll find that investing in this journey is a game-changer, as you unearth profound insights and develop the skills to become a more conscious, emotionally equipped, and adaptable leader, ready to thrive in your environment.


Jess and the Herd x

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