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Hi, I am Meg.

Welcome to Little Leaders!

Encouraging Kid's Confidence & Connection



"Hi, I am Meg. I am 12 years old and I am Jess's daughter. I have a fun and spirited sister who is 6, her name is Bonnie. I also have a step-sister who is 11. I love little kids and helping them. I have watched my mum do amazing things with other kids and horses and she has taught me to be confident in who I am. In my first year of high school this year, I have learnt a lot about friendships and staying true to who I am. I have learnt about boundaries and acceptance. I worry much less and I have a more confident mindset. Building our confidence and self esteem as kids is really important to me. I have loved running "Little Leaders" previously in Strathalbyn. My mum supports me and the group but I have organised the activities and run the sessions mostly. I would love to have your child come along, I feel like a big sister to all of the kids and we invite them here to come and spend time with us." - Meg



"Little Leaders" (Growing Confident and Connected Kids) is finally here! My 12 year old daughter Meg has been planning this experience for younger children for a while. Meg is finding ways to mesh what she loves doing; what she is good at; with earning some money for herself.

Meg has been offered a wonderful pony from a special family who have entrusted Meg with their much loved pony. "Tully" is a miniature horse that works with the children. We are on the lookout to replace a pony that stayed in Strathalbyn, to add a second pony into the program. We work with kind and calm ponies. Meg has a beautiful heart and is the best big sister in the world to her little 6yo sister Bonnie, and 11 year old step sister. Many young children are drawn to Meg because she accepts them wholly and is very patient with children. She loves to encourage young children when they are feeling shy or lacking confidence.


One of our family values is for kids to “disconnect" from technology to "reconnect" with nature and back with themselves. 

Meg wants to work with the 6 C's that mean something to her. She believes that young children will benefit from participating in activities that develop these 6C's, just like she has.

Confidence - Creativity - Communication - Coordination - Connection

We have moved!!

We are now based at Willalooka.

We will be running half day camps in the Xmas Holidays.

Please see the "register your interest form" so we can contact you with program details and dates.

Numbers are limited, please register your interest for the above program via this button: 

7 to 10 year olds


Safety, how to catch a horse, grooming, feeding, picking up pony poo, how to lead ponies with confidence and focus. The awareness of leadership skills and personal responsibility when working with ponies contributes to developing "Confidence, Communication & Connection"


A sprinkling of nature-based craft activities across a few weeks to engage the children's "Creativity"


Meg has a number of team games or activities in the sessions so that the children learn how to work with each other and learn how to be flexible with waiting, winning, losing and encouraging each other "Confidence, Communication and Connection"


Teaching the kids the Nutbush Dance. "Confidence and Coordination"

Depending on the group and weather, we may alter the activities above. We encourage you to pack a second set of clothes and a towel in case there is water play.

Please note: There is no riding of the ponies in this program. The ponies step in as teachers of leadership skills as the children learn to develop their skills and awareness around working with ponies and each other. 

I (Jess) will be with the group at all times supporting Meg and the children. I have facilitated over 380 children in the program "What's The Buzz?", social emotional program and support Meg to plan and runs the sessions under my guidance. Numbers are limited to six children, please fill out our form (link below) if you wish to register your child/ren. These sessions are fully insured with equine insurance by myself (Jess Keenan) at Leading Change Experiences.

Meg is fully responsible for paying for the pony's costs including; feed; regular hoof care and all costs associated with the ponies. Please register your interest via the pre-registration form:





We are all so good at the “doing” and “having” -
but there is a growing need for kids to practice the art of “being”! 

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